BIB-ALA: German-U.S. Librarian Exchange

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Interested in an exchange in Germany?  The Berufsverband Information Bibliothek (BIB) and ALA’s International Relations Office have agreed to work together to facilitate exchanges between librarians of the two countries.

The object of the exchanges is to provide knowledge and understanding of the library science practices in another country.

If you are interested in doing an exchange in Germany please contact the International Relations Office at

How Does it Work?

Unfortunately there are no funds available through ALA, so the cost of the exchange would be at your expense. Hopefully you will be able to find assistance through your institution or another source.

First, fill out the BIB-ALA Exchange Interest Form

ALA will then forward your request to staff at BIB, who will contact you to begin the search for a welcoming host library in Germany.

The length of the exchange and the time of year is whatever works best for you, so exchanges can be as short as a week or as long as a couple of months.

What about Language?

Though some knowledge of German is helpful, it is not a requirement as English speaking staff at the library will allow for a rewarding interchange.

What about Experience Opportunities?

You are able to request what type of learning experience you are looking for, and BIB will search for a library in Germany that could provide such an opportunity. 

What about Accommodations?

Once a possible host institution is established, they should be able to provide advice/assistance on possible housing options during your exchange.


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