Resolution on the Reconstruction of Libraries in Yugoslavia and Kosovo

Whereas, the United States of America has joined with nations of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in bombing and missile attacks on Yugoslavia and,

Whereas, it is probable that many libraries have been destroyed as a result of these aerial attacks, and

Whereas, libraries are vital to the development of open and humane societies;

Therefore, be it resolved that upon the conclusion of hostilities and negotiation of a settlement of the crisis, the American Library Association President in cooperation with the President of IFLA shall convey written concern to the U.S State Department and to The President of the United States that any provision for the reconstruction to be undertaken in Yugoslavia and in Kosovo include resources ample for the construction of new public, school, and academic libraries, the replacement of library collections, and assistance in providing university education for library professionals.

Moved by:

James B. Casey - Councilor-at-Large

Seconded by:

Karen Schneider - Councilor-at Large

Steve LaBash - Maryland Chapter Councilor

Andrea Morris Gruhl - Councilor-at-Large

Resolution Adopted by ALA Council June 29, 1999