Emily Dean Heilman Award


The Emily Dean Heilman Fund was established to present an award for Excellence in Librarianship to a Turkish library science student.  The fund is administered by the ALA-International Relations Committee (IRC).

Emily Dean (Heilman) went to Turkey in 1948 and worked in the American Library in Ankara. She conducted studies on libraries and the status of librarianship in Turkey. Ms. Dean participated in planning for a three-year library school in Turkey.

Ms. Dean also helped establish librarianship as a distinct academic branch. Stressing the need for a library school in Ankara University, she suggested establishing a librarianship institute in the Faculty of Political Sciences and applied to the Ford Foundation for assistance. Despite the Foundations' positive response, the Faculty of Political Sciences declined, citing other priorities and an inadequate budget. The idea was then proposed to the Faculty of Letters. In 1958 the Institute of Librarianship had its first graduates and an "Emily Dean Thesis Award" was awarded to three students.

Guidelines and criteria

This award is given to a library science student(s) during their 4th year in library school. Each student must submit a thesis which contributes to the progress and development of  Turkish libraries.  Winners are selected from the graduating class by a committee in Turkey.



First place: Miss Kısmet Reis, “The Importance and Problems of Open Access: Example of ANKOS/Turkey”  
Second place: Mr. Yasin Şeşen, “Examining Internal and External Environment with SWOT Analysis(futz) for the provision of Strategic Plan of Ankara University, Political Sciences Faculty Library ”

Third place: Mr. Uğur Tokalı, “Medical Documentation and Hospital Archives: Example of Ankara University, Medical Sciences Faculty, İbni Sina Hospital Archive ”



First place: Miss Neslihan Er, “Information Society and Public Internet Access Centers” 
Second place: Miss Didem Yılmaz, “The Concept of Folklore Archive in Turkey and the Folklore Archives ”

Third place: Miss Merve Özel, “Technichal and Conceptual Approach to Digitalization Processes: An Evaluation on Applications of State Archives General Directorate ”


2007 - 2008

First place: Mr. Mesut Yilmaz, "Cataloging errors as obstacles in access to information in the e-catalog of library at the Faculty of Letters of Ankara University"

Second place: Ms. Berrak Tamer, "Staff management problems related to university libraries in Turkey"

Third place: Ms. Asli Doğmuş, "Information literacy in primary education and school libraries"

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2006 - 2007

First place: Mr. Erkan Özdemir, "Student Profile of Information & Records Management Departments” 
Second place: Mr. Mahmut Atan, “Information Retrieval Via WAP Applications: A Model Proposal; Transformation of Bibliographic Records of Doctoral and Masters Thesis in Department of Information & Records Management, Faculty of Letters into WAP Medium”

Third place: Ms. Ayşe Genç, “A Research on School Libraries’ Web Pages and Web Based Information Services”


2005 - 2006

First place: Sibel Sebuktekin, “A Research on work satisfaction: Yenimahalle County Public Library” 
Second place: Özge Erdoğanaras, “Art of binding in manuscripts”

Third place: Ä°lker Çakmakkaya, “Cinema and library as a meaningful element”


2004 - 2005

Group 1

First place: Huriye Güngör, “Information retrieval of visually impaired"

Second place: Ayşe Oktan, “Use of electronic resources at the university libraries in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus”

Third place: Azra Uğur, “Library use of prisoners in Çankırı e-type prison”

Group 2

First place: Hakime Doğan, “Electronic documents and electronic signature law in the context of electronic government”

Second place: Mehmet Tokmak,  “The effect of individual properties of public library personal on job satisfaction”

Third place: Ä°smail Kır, “Historical development of electronic publication and its role in dissemination of information”



First place: Murat Çark, “Technoparks and university libraries”

Second place: Berna Çevik, “Electronic book technology and applications”

Third place: Dilek Doğan,  “Factors at acquiring reading habit among children"



First place: Ayşe Gedikçi, “The Role of Manager of an Information Center in the Application of Productivity Principle in Information Centers”

Second place: Songül Özilhan,”The Effects of Globalization on Library/Information Centers"

Third place:  Meral Mutlu,”ANKOS (Consortium of Anatolia University Libraries)"

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