Discovering Librarianship - Field Recruiters

Knowledge AllianceBy enlisting early career librarians from previously successful diversity recruitment programs to develop recruitment materials and serve as ambassadors for the profession, Discovering Librarianship built a network of in-the-field recruiters who can speak to the specific interests of a new generation and provide the information and support to help students pursue careers in librarianship. ALA identified and trained an inaugural cohort of field recruiters from its own Spectrum Scholarship Program and other national diversity recruitment programs.  The inaugural cohort of Field Recruiters participated in multiple training and discussion summits geared toward building their personal recruiting skillset, familiarizing themselves with LIS education and funding opportunities, auditing existing recruiting materials and collectively developing persuasive recruitment materials to resonate with ethnically diverse high school and undergraduate college students.

Building the Knowledge Alliance

To further broaden their outreach and advocacy efforts, the recruiters created the Knowledge Alliance brand and website.  The website enables recruiters to engage potential library professionals at every step of their journey, from initial interest to selecting a graduate program and to pursuing professional opportunities. This innovative program created a large network of diverse library colleagues who serve as resources for individuals interested in pursuing library and information science careers. By connecting ethnically underrepresented librarians with interested students, the potential for early mentoring and support is facilitated.

Knowledge Alliance Logo

Become an Ally

The Knowledge Alliance is a unique opportunity for early career librarians to serve as recruiters for the profession.  Through their participation in this project, participants develop new presentation, advocacy, outreach, and leadership skills for their own career progression.  Knowledge Alliance recruiters are selected on a competitive basis and must commit to the following activities:

  • Complete Field Recruiter training (web-based, asynchronous)
  • Maintain a profile on the Knowledge Alliance website
  • Identify local recruiting opportunities and volunteer time to prepare for and exhibit at a minimum of two events per year
  • Establish connections with local undergraduate career services centers, library school admissions staff and library employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and follow-up with recruits in person and online
  • Maintain ALA Membership and comply with all reporting requirements about recruitment activities

If you are interested in joining the Knowledge Alliance please email for more information.