Seeing is Believing: Understanding Data Visualization for Library Research Webinar


Seeing is Believing:  Understanding Data Visualization for Library Research

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 7
Time: 2PM Eastern time | 1PM Central time | Noon Mountain time | 11AM Pacific time
Duration: 1:19 - Archive

This free webinar, sponsored by the ALA Committee on Research and Statistics, will provide an overview of best practices in the graphical presentation of quantitative information, emphasizing the need for clarity, fairness, accuracy, and visual efficiency. The purpose of data visualization is to display data impartially in order to uncover the 'stories' data have to tell. When presentations follow the graphical principles presented, then trustworthy and useful stories can emerge from our data.

"Seeing is Believing" was originally scheduled for ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim.

The webinar recommends avoiding marketing-oriented visualization designs that trivialize quantitative evidence while seeking to engage and entertain audiences. Attendees will learn how to select graphical formats to portray their data effectively. An introductory subset from the larger array of graphical best practices will be presented.

The workshop aims to provide attendees with a taste of this fascinating topic in order to inspire further study of works by visualization experts Edward Tufte, William Cleveland, Howard Wainer, Stephen Few, and Dona Wong.

Presenter: Ray Lyons is a statistical programmer, independent consultant, and trainer in library performance measurement. He is the co-creator of the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service. His articles on library assessment have appeared in Public Library Quarterly, Public Libraries, and Library & Information Science Research.  Ray has masters degrees in library and information science and in public administration, with a specialty in quantitative methods. He writes at