Procedures for Submitting Review Materials to Booklist

Specific guidelines for various formats and types of materials are provided below. Any publisher of a book reviewed in Booklist will receive a tearsheet of the review. Due to the volume of submissions (more than 80,000 per year), we are unable to notify publishers whose books have not been selected for review.

All submissions of materials for review become the sole property of the American Library Association; request for return of materials or other restrictions cannot be honored.

Where to Send Review Materials:

American Library Association
50 E. Huron
Chicago, IL 60611

Who to address:

Adult Books: Donna Seaman Adult Books Editor

Books for Youth (Children's and YA): Sarah Hunter, Books for Youth Editor

Reference Books: Susan Maguire, Reference Books Bulletin Editor

Audiobooks and Media: Heather Booth, Editor

What to Send:

Please review the detailed information found on Booklist Online's Get Reviewed page: .