ALA Electronic Mailing Lists

The American Library Association offers a mailing list server that currently hosts hundreds of mailing lists. Some lists are for ALA members only; others are open to non-members as well.  As of April 25, 2007 we have completed the process of migrating our lists from an older mailing list software called Listproc to a newer, easier to use package called Sympa.  To see currently available lists, go to and click on “Send me a password.”  You will be prompted for an email address, which will only be used if you join a list, and your password will be sent to that address, as will all messages from the lists to which you subscribe.



Once you have created your ID and password in Sympa, you can use its intuitive web interface to manage all of your subscriptions.  After logging in, clicking “view all lists” will show you all of the lists which are available on the server.  All you need to do in order to join a list is click on the name of the list, then click on “Subscribe,” which appears on the left hand side of the list information page.  Once subscribed, a “Subscriber Options” link appears that allows you to manage the details of your subscriptions, including a variety of reception options.  The “Archives” link provides extremely easy access to the archived posts from each list, sometimes going back for years.



If you have questions about whether a given post is appropriate for a given list, contact the owner of the list to ask for permission. 

Any technical questions regarding ALA’s email lists should be sent to .  Requests for new lists must be approved by an ALA staff member.