Latino Literacy Now

Latino Literacy Now is non-profit corporation 501(c)(3). Our cause is promoting reading as a means of improving lives, both professionally and personally.

Latino Literacy Now, was founded in 1997 by Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler to promote literacy in the community in all forms: educational, financial, reading, and community awareness. They aspire to advance the cause of reading as a means of self-improvement both personally and professionally. Since their founding, 58 Latino Book & Family Festivals have been held in twelve cities around the USA with a combined attendance over 900,000 and seventeen International Latino Book Awards have been held honoring 1,914 authors and publishers.

The International Latino Book Awards has grown over the last 17 years to become the largest Latino literary and cultural awards in the USA. Over the years 1,914 authors and publishers have been honored for their work with Children’s, Young Adult, Nonfiction, Fiction, eBooks, Design, Translation, and Best First Books. The books have been in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and bilingual formats.

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