Ideas for ALA Programs at Chapter Conferences

Ideas for ALA Programs at State Library Association, or Chapter, Conferences

Below are ideas for ALA programs at Chapter conferences. If you have additional suggestions, please send to Don Wood.

  • Hold an ALA Update Session (which may include the ALA Executive Director and/or President if they are attending the conference)
  • Try to get ALA President or ALA Executive Director to speak at state conference (state chapter generally pays for hotel and local expenses, while ALA pays for travel)
  • Conduct a panel with local ALA Members (veteran through new), discuss membership and other issues
  • Try to get someone from the ALA Washington Office to speak on “Hot Issues”
  • Plan a “What does ALA Council do?” program—role of council and news on pending issues
  • Memberships in associations drop in session
  • Member of the ALA Leadership to participate in a “Wake-up with ALA Coffee.” Present current ALA initiatives, discuss ALA/Chapter relations and conduct a question-and-answer period.
  • Frontline Advocacy
  • Drop-session regarding an ALA topic (can be hot topics, a particular issue or survey, etc.)
  • Contact Public Awareness Office for materials on latest campaign (e.g., Libraries Transform)
  • Contact Office for Library Advocacy for advocacy materials