B.7 Library Education (Old Number 56)

B.7.1 Graduate Programs in Library and Information Studies (Old Number 56.1)

The American Library Association supports the provision of library services by professionally qualified personnel who have been educated in graduate programs within institutions of higher education. It is of vital importance that there be professional education available to meet the social needs and goals of library services. Therefore, the American Library Association supports the development and continuance of high quality graduate programs in library and information studies (LIS) of the quality, scope and availability necessary to prepare individuals in the broad profession of information dissemination.

The American Library Association supports education for the preparation of professionals in the field of library and information studies (LIS) as a university program at the master’s level. LIS programs are central to a discipline that will continue to concern itself with the development of information literate citizens and to fill a necessary role in the information society of the next century. LIS education is currently challenged by dynamic changes in the society it serves and prepares students for a rapidly growing information profession that can extend well beyond the customarily defined parameters of libraries. It is undergirded by a growing research base that is diverse and draws upon a broad range of disciplines, and its faculty members are expected to translate their knowledge into improved library and information services.

(See ‘‘Policy Reference File’’: 1992-1993CD#13.1- PDF, 4 pgs)


B.7.2 Affirmative Action (Old Number 56.2)

The American Library Association encourages ALA-accredited programs of library and information studies to continue to implement their affirmative action programs in admissions and in employment in the wake of the Bakke case decision by the Supreme Court.

(See Goals for Inclusive and Culturally Competent Library and Information Services” [B.3.5], ‘‘ Standards of Accreditation in Library Education: Appeals Procedure’’[B.7.4])


B.7.3 Continuing Education (Old Number 56.3)

The American Library Association is committed to a national comprehensive long-range plan for continuing education to improve the quality of library service with appropriate support from ALA funds. Standards for libraries and library education and guidelines for services developed by any ALA unit should include a significant continuing education component where appropriate.

(See ‘‘Policy Reference File’’: Continuing Education.- PDF, 2 pgs)


B.7.4 Standards of Accreditation in Library Education: Appeals Procedure (Old Number 55.4)

A graduate program in library and information studies may file a written appeal against any accreditation decision, by the Committee on Accreditation, which does not result in accreditation. Details regarding the appeals procedure shall be supplied to all programs participating in the accreditation process.

(See “Policy Reference File”: Executive Board Appeal Procedure - PDF, 31 pgs)