A.9 Awards (Old Number 11)

A.9.1 Presentation of Awards (Old Number 11.1)

Any award in a field covered by an ALA division shall be presented at a session of that division. No recognition of these awards will be made at ALA general sessions.

General awards shall be presented at general sessions. The chair of the ALA Awards Committee shall read a citation of no more than 300 words; the award will be presented by ALA’s presiding officer; there are no speeches of acceptance.

Donors of awards are not invited to present awards in person. Potential donors shall be notified of these policies before ALA accepts the award from the donor.


A.9.2 Awards and Minimum Amounts (Old Number 11.2)

ALA awards are of four types: Grants, Recognition, Scholarships, and Conference Sponsorships. Effective 1995, the minimum amounts for all ALA Awards are:

  • Grants: $10,000
  • Recognition: $5,000
  • Scholarships: $3,000
  • Conference Sponsorships: $1,000


A.9.3 Administrative Costs of Awards (Old Number 11.3)

Effective 1995, the administrative fee for all ALA Awards, including new awards, is 20 percent of the award amount, not to exceed $1,000. The administrative fee would not apply to the Endowment Scholarships. For awards from an outside source, the standard overhead should be requested. For awards by a unit of ALA, administrative costs estimated by the unit shall be included in the proposal and in budget requests as needed. The purpose of the administrative fee shall be to pay for: a) costs of preparation, printing, and distribution of award criteria and nomination forms; b) publicity and promotion of the awards; c) costs for preparing citations and/or plaques; and d) expenses for the award presentation ceremonies.