A.2 Membership (Old Number 2)


Categories of membership are established in ALA Bylaws Article 1, Section 1.

A.2.1 Perquisites of Chapter and Organization Membership (Old Number 12)

Specific perquisites of Chapter and Organization membership include a subscription to American Libraries. For a full list of perquisites see the ALA Membership Office. http://ala.org/membership

All Organization member dues go to support the public awareness efforts of ALA through the Washington Office and the Public Information Office. 


A.2.2 Honorary ALA Membership (Old Number 2.1)

Any ALA personal member (except current members of the ALA Executive Board) may nominate an individual for Honorary Membership.  The nominee need not be a member of ALA. Nominations are submitted to the ALA Executive Board for consideration.  The ALA Executive Board has sole authority to submit nominations for honorary memberships to Council.  ALA Council elects Honorary Members. Divisions may confer honorary membership only upon those chosen as honorary members of ALA.


A.2.3 Membership Dues

Membership dues for all categories of membership are recommended by the ALA Executive Board for consideration by ALA Council.  If ALA Council approves the proposed dues structure, it is placed on the next ALA ballot for approval by the membership.


A.2.4 Membership:  Suspension of (Old Number 2.2)

The Executive Board shall suspend from membership in the American Library Association any member who or which shall have been found by competent government authority to have violated any federal, state, or local civil rights law, such suspension to continue until such time as the Executive Board has been satisfied that the member is in full compliance with the law.