Budget Cycle and Process

Part of the American Library Association's Financial Learning Series

This is a Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) and ALA Finance staff webcast. The purpose of this webcast is to provide you with a basic level of understanding of how the Association’s budget is developed and perhaps even more important, to illustrate how interconnected each area of the Association is to one another. We are one Association.

Here we will discuss ALA’s budget cycle and process. Specifically, this webcast will cover how the budget is developed, the extensive amount of involvement by the stakeholders, the decision making process along the way, the timeline necessary to complete the process and an illustration of how each units goals/mission fits into the overall strategic plan of the Association.

[video:http://youtu.be/KStfx6oA9ow width:425 height:250]

Who Should Attend

American Library Association members in general and member leaders in particular.


Courtney L. Young, Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) Executive Board Representative


How to Register

No registration required. Access the Budget Cycle and Process webcast and the rest of the Financial Learning Series from it's ALA YouTube Channel playlist.

Tech Requirements

Computer with Internet access (high-speed connection is best) and ability to view videos posted on YouTube.


A new ALA Connect community has been established entitled ALA Budget and Finance Group (membership is open to everyone). You are encouraged to join this group. This is the forum to provide feedback on the ALA Financial Learning Series webcasts, to ask questions about any information included in the webcasts, or to ask financial/budget questions in general at any time. Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) may use this forum to distribute information as necessary.