Council Documents Midwinter/Annual Conference 2014

Council Documents Annual/Midwinter 2014


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MW 1 No Document
MW 2 ALA Council Minutes from the 2013 Annual Conference (action)
AC 2.1 ALA Council Minutes from the 2014 Midwinter Meeting (action)
MW 3 Resolution Committee’s Table Schedule (information)
AC 3.1 Resolution Committee's Table Schedule (information)
MW 4 What’s Happening: A Pre-Midwinter Update (information)
AC 4.1 What's Happening: A Pre-Annual Update (information)
MW/AC 5 Rules Governing Council Meetings (action)
MW/AC 6 Guidelines for Preparation of Resolutions for Council, Policy 5.3 (information)
MW/AC 7 ALA 2015 Strategic Plan (information)
MW 8 ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session Agendas (information)
MW 8.1 ALA Council I Agenda—1/25/14 Revised (action)
MW 8.2 ALA Council II Agenda - Revised 1/26/14, 9:42 pm (action)
MW 8.3 ALA Council III Agenda—1/27/14 7:30pm (action)
AC 8.4 ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session Agenda -- (6/27/14 - 7:17 pm) (information)
AC 8.5 ALA Council I Agenda -- 6/28/14 - 4:20 pm (action)
AC 8.6 ALA Council II Agenda -- 6/29/14 - 11:35 am (action)
AC 8.7 ALA Council III Agenda -- 6/20/14 - 6:40 pm (action)
MW 9 Implementation Report (information)
AC 9.1 Implementation Report (information)
AC 10 Presidential Task Force on Electronic Communications for the ALA Council (action)
MW 11 Report of the ALA COC on the 2014 Nominees for the ALA Executive Board (information) (REVISED)
MW 11.1 Executive Board Election Tellers (information)
MW 11.2 Report of the Tellers (information)
AC 12 2014-2015 Committee on Committee Slate (action)
AC 12.1 2014-2015 Planning and Budget Assembly Slate (action)
AC 12.2 Tellers Report (information)
AC 12.3 COC and PBA Election Results (information)
MW 13 ALA Treasurer's Report (action)
AC 13.1 ALA Treasurer's Report (information)
AC 13.2 ALA Treasurer's Report (Programmatic Priorities) (action)
MW 14 Workforce Analysis Report Cover Sheet (information)
MW 14.1 Workforce Analysis Report (information)
MW 15 Executive Board Actions (information)
AC 15.1 Executive Board Actions (information)
MW 16 Endowment Trustees Report (information)
AC 16.1 Endowment Trustees Report (information)
AC 16.2 Endowment Trustees Report (information)
MW 17 Policy Monitoring Committee (action)
AC 17.1 Policy Monitoring Committee (action)
MW 18 International Relations Committee Report (information)
AC 18.1-18.4 International Relations Committee Report (action)
MW 19-19.2 Intellectual Freedom Committee (action)
AC 19.3-19.17 Intellectual Freedom Committee (action)
MW 20-20.4 Committee on Legislation (action)
AC 20.5-20.7 Committee on Legislation (action)
MW 21 ALA President’s Report (information)
AC 21.1 ALA President's Report (information)
MW 22 Freedom to Read Foundation Report (information)
AC 22.1 Freedom to Read Foundation Report (information)
MW 23 ALA Executive Director's Report (information)
AC 23.1 ALA Executive Director's Report Iinformation)
MW 24 Honorary Membership Nominee (action)
MW 25 No Document
MW 26-26.1 2014 ALA Nominating Committee Report (information)
MW 27 Committee on Organization Report (information)
AC 27.1 Committee on Organization Report (action)
AC 28-28.11 Division Reports to the ALA Council (information)
MW 29 ALA President-Elect Report (information)
AC 29.1 ALA President-Elect Report (information)
MW 30 Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) Report (information)
AC 30.1 Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) Report (information)
AC 31 ALA Committee Roster (information)
AC 31.1 ALA Council Committee Roster (information)
MW 32 No Document
MW 33 BARC Report (information)
AC 33.1 BARC Report (information)
MW 34 Resolution on Electronic Communications for ALA Council (action)
MW 35 Resolution to Improve Member Access to ALA Unit Governing Information (action)
MW 36 ALA Awards Committee Report (action)
MW 37 Resolution on Whistleblower Edward Snowden (action)
MW 38 Resolution to Allow Programs at American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meetings (action)
MW 40 Committee on Professional Ethics (information)
AC 40.1 Committee on Professional Ethics (action)
AC 41 "Strategic Direction" Planning Document (information)
AC 42 ALA COL, Federal Depository Library Program Task Force (FDLP) (information)
AC 43 Resolution in Support of Stable Funding for Air Force Libraries (action)
AC 44 The Future of Publishing: Strategic Directions for the ALA Publishing Department: Goals (information)
AC 45 Resolution on Granting the District of Columbia Government Budget Autonomy to Allow City Services, including Libraries, to Remain Open during a Federal Government Shutdown (action)


MW 1 Augusta "Gussie" Clark
MW 2 Major Owens
MW 3 Dr. Nasser Sharify
MW 4 Dr. Bohdan Stephan Wynar
AC 5 Eliza Dresang
AC 6 Marilyn Miller
AC 7 Emily Stewart Boyce
AC 8 Margaret Mary (Maggie) Kimmel
AC 9 Birdie MacLennan
AC 10 Nancy Garden
AC 11 Esther Crawford
AC 12 Crenetha Session Brunson


MW 1 Resolution Honoring Giovanni's Room Bookstore and Owner Ed Hermance
AC 2 ALA Resolution Honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)



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AC 1 Agenda
AC 2 Rules
AC 3 Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Roster
AC 4 Press Release re: ALA's response to 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando

Executive Board Candidates' Bios and Statements:

Aaron W. Dobbs
Peter D. Hepburn
Mike L. Marlin
Gina A. Persichini
Alexandra P. Rivera
Gail A. Schlachter

ALA-APA Documents

Agenda, APACD#1 (action)
Minutes, APACD#2 (action)

Rules, APACD#3 (action)

Treasurer's Report, APACD#4 (information)

APA Executive Director's Report, APACD#5 (information)