ALA Constitution and Bylaws

The ALA Constitution lays out the basic structure for the Association, and the Bylaws describe how the Association actually functions.

ALA Bylaws Revision

On June 27, 2022 the ALA Council voted in the affirmative to rescind the ALA Constitution and tasked the ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee to create one core governing ALA Bylaws that reflects a flexible and modern Association. The first draft of the general revision of the ALA Bylaws may be accessed here

Member leaders are welcome to submit comments and suggestions via this feedback form

ALA Council is scheduled to vote on a final Bylaws draft at their Council Session during the ALA Library Learning Experience (LLX) event in January 2023 in New Orleans. The current ALA Constitution and ALA Bylaws will remain in effect until the membership takes an affirmative vote on the spring 2023 ballot to rescind the ALA Constitution and adopt a new set of ALA Bylaws.