Executive Board Committee


Consists of the president of the Association (who serves as chair), the president-elect, the immediate past president, the treasurer, and (ex officio) the executive director. The committee carries out administrative functions on behalf of the Association and the Board; reviews and discusses administrative and policy issues that need to be brought to the attention of the full Board; approves Board agendas, meeting times, and dates; reviews and brings to the full Board for approval the dates, sites, and schedules for ALA conferences; performs ceremonial activities as representatives of ALA; handles administrative communications of the organization and the Board; recommends ALA's relationships with external organizations and individuals; brings recommendations regarding nominations and appointments to the full Board for approval; reviews and approves calls for votes between meetings; performs other duties as required.


Ms. Emily Drabinski
(President, July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2025)
Mrs. Cindy Hohl
(Executive Board Member, July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2026)
Dr. Peter D. Hepburn
(Treasurer, July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2025)
Lessa Kanani'opua Pelayo-Lozada
(Past-President, July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2024)
Ms. Leslie B. Burger
(Staff Liaison, July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2025)
Sheryl Reyes
(Staff Liaison, January 14, 2019, to June 30, 2030)

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