Why I Give - Planned Giving Stories

Giving in support of ALA and ALA Awards

Photo of Ruth and Jay Toor, Charter Members of the ALA Legacy SocietyI have had a lot of help from people I went to graduate school, received my MLS, and began my career as a library media specialist. Visiting professor Mary Ann Swanson at Rutgers, teaching a summer course shortly after I earned my MLS degree, insisted that it was our duty to join and become active in the American Library Association. I did so and have reaped advantages and rewards ever since. I have worked on and chaired many committees of ALA, AASL and ALSC, been a member of Council, and served as AASL President. I have always wanted to give back to others what was so generously offered to me. My husband Jay and I have made a bequest to ALA so that others may be able to benefit as I did.

Ruth and Jay Toor, Charter Members of the ALA Legacy Society

Photo of Ken Haycock ALA Legacy Society MemberALA has provided innumerable opportunities for me to learn and grow as a professional and to develop as a leader. I created the Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship in order to focus on the profession in addition to libraries as institutions. Through estate planning, this recognition will continue to honor librarians who make us all proud.

Ken Haycock, ALA Legacy Society Member

Giving in support of International Activities and Issues

Photo of Barbara J. Ford Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyInternational issues have been a key part of my life and career in academic, public and special libraries. As president of ALA we focused on the global reach and local touch of libraries. With a strong interest in international issues I have included ALA in my will with a stipulation that the funds be used to support the international work of the association. As a member I have worked to advance international activities within the association and want to ensure that emphasis continues into the future.

Barbara J. Ford, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Giving in support of Scholarships

Photo of Shirley Loo Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyI am contributing to the ALA scholarship fund to assist students who want to be librarians. When I served on an ALA scholarship jury several years ago, I was amazed by the number of worthy applicants and the fact that the jury could only award five scholarships. At the local level,DCLA set up a student loan fund during my presidency. With Past President Ruth Fine's generous bequest, we are now able to grant library school students larger loans. The loans may be forgiven when the student submits documentation of above average grades. I have benefited from scholarships as a student and I am glad that I am able to do something in return.

Shirley Loo, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Giving in support of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

Photo of Patricia A. Wand ALA Legacy Society MemberAfter spending nearly four decades volunteering time and ideas to ACRL and ALA I suddenly thought about expanding my gifts to include money. I asked myself, “Why am I not considering ACRL one of my favorite charities?” Having served on Budget and Finance Committee and twice on the ACRL Board, I knew that membership dues alone do not cover ACRL expenses. I began by making modest annual contributions as a Friend of ACRL. Recently decided to take another step and make ACRL a beneficiary of a portion of my retirement funds when I die. My bequest states that I want ACRL to spend the money on international initiatives. Benefits to the planned-giving donor are numerous: I can be much more generous after I die than I can afford to be right now and I can earmark my gift according to my personal passions. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Patricia A. Wand, ALA Legacy Society Member

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS)

Photo of Carol Diedrichs ALA Legacy Society MemberMy professional life has been greatly enriched by my work in ALCTS. I’ve made lifelong friends, been involved in innovative technical services and collections work, and seen firsthand the power of professional colleagues working together to advance our field. Having been the recipient of 3 awards from ALCTS, I have been humbled by such recognition by peers and colleagues. My planned gift will enable ALCTS to continue to provide meaningful recognition to the many outstanding leaders in technical services and collections areas.

Carol Diedrichs, ALA Legacy Society Member

Giving in support of the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC)

Photo of Carole and Stan Fiore Charter Member of the Legacy Society

I think I always wanted to be a librarian - to connect people with books and information. Being a children's librarian has allowed me to do that. My husband, Stan, and I want to make sure that all children have access to the best materials and well-trained librarians to guide them. Supporting ALSC through this planned giving gift will provide future support for many of the programs that will do just that. From supporting the work of the numerous ALSC committees to supporting scholarship opportunities for children's librarians, from recognizing the best materials for children to supporting research into best practices, supporting ALSC will allow Stan and me to touch the future.

Carole and Stan Fiore, Charter Member of the Legacy Society

Photo of Ellin Greene Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyI suspect that many of us who work with children and books were born with a special gene that manifests itself in a love of literature. Or perhaps we just were blessed as I was with a mother who read aloud to me from infancy on and introduced me to fine illustrators like Jessie Wilcox Smith and N. C. Wyeth. Unfortunately, not all children are this lucky. By leaving a bequest to ALSC to support early literacy, I hope more children will grow up loving books and reading.

Ellin Greene, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Giving in support of the Cultural Communities Fund

Photo of Peggy Barber Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyAs a staff member for more than 30 years, ALA was (and continues to be) a central focus in my professional life. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences---wouldn't trade them for anything. ALA's planned giving program gives me a way to say thanks, and to support the programs I believe are vitally important to the future of libraries. I'm proud to have ALA in my will, and proud to direct my contribution to the Cultural Communities Fund.

Peggy Barber, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Giving in support of GLBTRT and the Stonewall Book Award

Photo of Carse McDaniel Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyMy planned gift to the American Library Association is a way for me express my gratitude to an organization which has long been an advocate for intellectual freedom, equal rights, and the availability of reading and other learning materials to all. By supporting the GLBTRT Book Award Endowment, I recognize the need for more and better information available in libraries to queer and questioning youth and to all readers in search of information about various sexual identities.

Carse McDaniel, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Photo of John N. Mitchell Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyMy goals and professional development within the librarian ranks have continually been fostered with years of membership in ALA and involvement with GLBT advocacy. It is hoped that my financial gift will insure future librarians a vibrant professional organization that combats censorship of any kind. In addition to my verbal expression of gratitude, I wanted to take the added step of making a financial contribution to further the vital mission of the Book Award Committee of the GLBTRT.

John N. Mitchell, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Giving in support of the Spectrum Scholarship

Photo of Dr. Em Claire Knowles ALA Legacy Society MemberI mailed a postcard to ALA over thirty years ago to request help to find funding for graduate school. I am most grateful to the Association staff member who wrote to my two institutions of choice to alert them of my needs. With my bequest, I am able to continue to make a long term commitment to ALA and other students who have the same concern as me. Thus, I have stipulated the Spectrum program that will continue to award scholarships to talented students of color entering our field.

Dr. Em Claire Knowles, ALA Legacy Society Member

Photo of William R. Gordon Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyI have enjoyed my career as a librarian, and my involvement with ALA has brought me a great deal of professional pleasure. It is important to me to give back to the Association. I feel that I can do the most good by supporting minority participation. Over the years, I have contributed funds to endow a scholarship to support minority students as they pursue graduate degrees in library and information science. Through my estate, I am proud to designate additional support to this endowed Spectrum Scholarship.

William R. Gordon, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Photo of Betty Turock Charter Member of the ALA Legacy SocietyIn librarianship, I found a career that I could dedicate my life to. In order to open this profession to others, my family and I created the Betty J. Turock Spectrum Scholarship, a part of the Spectrum Scholarship Program. The Spectrum Scholarship Program was created to increase diversity in librarianship. Greater diversity is not a social or moral question, it is necessary for the growth and progress of the library profession.

Betty Turock, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society

Giving in support of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Photo of Pam Spencer Holley ALA Legacy Society MemberEstate planning now seems part of the continuum of life. YALSA has been a major component of my life for the past twenty plus years, affording me professional growth, networking and leadership opportunities that have directly affected my library service to teens and teachers. I need to consider other ways to continue my support, which leads to including YALSA in my estate plans. I do feel very strongly that it's important to give back.

Pam Spencer Holley, ALA Legacy Society Member