COVID-19 Resources for Chapters


ALA Resources

ALA's Pandemic Preparedness Resources for Libraries 

American Libraries: Federal Relief Package Supports Libraries 

ALA-PPA State and Local Resources Page

ALA-ODLOS Libraries Respond: Combating Xenophobia and Fake News in Light of COVID-19

IMLS Announces New Stimulus Funding for Communities Across America 

Additional Resources

Loans Available for Nonprofits in the CARES ACT 

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Emergency Loans: Small Business Guide and Checklist

Analysis of the CARES Act (Pub. L. 116-132)

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Enginnering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University 

Chapters Respond to COVID-19

To better serve our community we have compiled a list of each states' response to the Coronavirus outbreak. These include resource pages, letters from Chapter Presidents, statements from the executive board, legislative updates, and links to state public health websites. 


Alaska Library Association

COVID-19 Resources links to SLED (Statewide Library Electronic Doorway)

Arizona Library Association 

A message from AzLA President Corey Christans

Arizona State Library, Archives & Records COVID-19 Resources

ASU Library - COVID-19 Resources for Indigenous Peoples 

Arkansas Library Association

A Message from the ArLA President: Arkansas Libraries and COVID-19

California Library Association

COVID-19 Resources Page

Colorado Association of Libraries 

CAL Homepage links to Department of Public Health and Environment: info on COVID-19 Outbreak

Florida Library Association 

Statement from FLA President Eric Head
COVID-19 Resources

Georgia Library Association

GLA Statement Regarding COVID-19

Hawaii Library Association

HLA announcement and links to resources on COVID-19

Illinois Library Association

Illinois Library Association Coronavirus Resources

Indiana Library Federation 

ILFs COVID19 Tools and Resources

Iowa Library Association 

Iowa Library Association’s response to COVID19

Iowa Library Association COVID-19 Letter to the Governor and Resources

State of Iowa Library's Considerations and Resources


Kentucky Library Association 

COVID19 Resource Hub

Louisiana Library Association 

Letter from LLA President, Sonnet Ireland

Maine Library Association

COVID-19 Resources for Maine Libraries

Massachusetts Library Association

Resources from the Massachusetts Library Association
Resources from the Massachusetts Library System

Michigan Library Association

Update on COVID-19 and Michigan Libraries 

Minnesota Library Association

Minnesota Library Association Response to COVID-19


Message from Mississippi Library Association President Mary Beth Applin

Missouri Library Association 

Statement on COVID-19 from the Missouri Library Association Executive Board

Mountain Plains Library Association

MPLA COVID-19 Statement

Nebraska Library Association

Nebraska Library Association COVID-19 information page

Nebraska Library Commission COVID-19 Information page 

List of libraries affected by COVID-19 

New Hampshire Library Association

New Hampshire Library Association COVID-19 Resources

New Jersey Library Association 

State of New Jersey Resources

New York Library Association 

NYLA Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Nevada Library Association

Nevada Library Association Resources Linked on Homepage


Ohio Library Council COVID-19 Resources and Updates


OLA Statement on COVID-19


Frequent updates from PaLA on COVID-19

Rhode Island

RILA COVID-19 Library Resources


Pandemic Resources Page 

Vermont Library Association

Vermont Library Association COVID-19 Statement 

Virginia Library Association

Virginia Library Association COVID-19 Statements and Information

Wisconsin Library Association

Coronavirus Updates