Attendance at Council Meetings

Council meets during both the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference. All councilors are expected to attend each of the scheduled ALA and APA council meetings. If you are unable to attend Council or must leave early, please notify Marsha P. Burgess, in writing of your absence/departure. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence in your official voting record, which is posted on the ALA website.

For Council and ALA Governance meeting schedules, please visit:

ALA/APA Council

Upon election to the ALA Council, the councilor serves as a member of the ALA-Allied Professional Association [ALA-APA] Council. The ALA-APA Council is the governing body of the ALA-APA and determines all policies of the ALA-APA. To learn more about the ALA/APA, please visit the ALA/APA website at The ALA/APA Council only meets at the Midwinter Meeting. If you have questions about the ALA/APA, please contact Lorelle Swader, Associate Executive Director,

ALA Executive Board

The following duties/responsibilities are specifically delegated to the Executive Board by the ALA Constitution and Bylaws:

(1) The Executive Board shall report on its activities no later than the next meeting of the Council;
(2) The Executive Board shall act for the Council in the administration of established policies and programs; and
(3) The Executive board shall make recommendations to Council with respect to matters of policy, programs and operations.

For more information, please visit:

Registration & Housing

Registration- Check the ALA website with registration details found here:

Housing- There are councilor blocks of rooms at every hotel. They can be accessed by selecting "councilor" in the first demographic question of the registration process. If you have any questions or problems with your housing, please contact Alicia Hamann at 1-800-545-2433 ext. 3229 or

Council Communication

Councilors will use the ALA Council Connect group as the primary space to communicate with fellow Councilors.

If you are a non-councilor, and would like to subscribe to the ALA Council Connect group, please use the signup form on the ALA Council page in Connect:

Council Documents

All council documents will be posted to the council page: and on ALA Connect throughout each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference. 
Note: it is recommended that you download council documents to your device or tablet prior to each Council meeting. A small number of printed council documents will be available at the council document pick-up table at the back of the council chambers.

Council Chamber and Amenities

The Council chamber is arranged in a classroom style and Councilors are required to sit in the front portion of the room. There are no pre-assigned seating. Council chamber are equipped with two overhead screens; four floor microphones; a captionists for people who are deaf or hard of hearing; and a projectionist. The ALA President; President-Elect, ALA Executive Director,  and the ALA Parliamentarian will be seated on the platform at the front of the room. The ALA Governance Director, Sheryl Reyes, ALA Council Secretariat, Marsha P. Burgess and the ALA Governance Associate, Holly Robison, will be seated at the audio visual table.


Rules for Council Meetings

Rules for Council meetings are adopted at the beginning of the first meeting of Council at the LLX Meeting and Annual Conference and amendments to the Rules may be proposed and voted upon at that time. Any Rule may be suspended by general consent if there is no objection, or by a two-thirds vote of the Council. A copy of the Rules will be provided at Council meetings.

Speaking from the Council Floor

Councilors addressing the Presiding officer must go to a numbered microphone, wait to be recognized, and then give proper identification, e.g., name and type of Councilor (Division/Chapter/At-Large). Non-Councilors may be recognized to speak at the discretion of the Presiding officer or by general consent at any Council meeting. Any ALA member may speak at the Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Meeting without having to seek Council's approval.

What to bring to Council Meetings

  • Business cards to share with your colleagues
  • Tablet, laptop or handheld device
  • Power cords
  • Water
  • Jacket, sweater or shawl

Voting Record

In addition to voice and hand votes, recorded votes are electronic. All votes will be tallied and posted here:

Badges and Ribbons

You must be officially register for each LLX Meeting and Annual Conference and wear your badge and council ribbon at all Council meetings. You may pick up your council ribbon at the ALA badge pick-up area or get one from Council chambers. Special badges denoting Chapter councilors are also available at the badge pick-up table.

Parliamentary Procedure

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition is ALA's the official parliamentary authority.