ALA Student Chapter Fundraising Activities

Your Student Chapter may support its programs through fundraising activities, dues paid to the student chapter group, or contributions from the school administration. Below are examples of  fundraising activities that Student Chapters have shared with the ALA Chapter Relations Office.

If your ALA Student Chapter would like to submit a fundraising activity to post here, please contact Don Wood, ALA Chapter Relations Office.

Literary Photo Scavenger Hunt

Literary Photo Scavenger Hunt! Poster

This example was created and submitted to us by the ALA Student Chapter at Clarion University. The story behind the Literary Photo Scavenger Hunt is available on the ALA Student Membership blog. Here is a brief synopsis, complete with links to scavenger hunt materials (i.e. Literary Scavenger Hunt List (PDF), Literary Scavenger Hunt Simple Checklist (PDF), and Scavenger Hunt Rules for Participants (DOC)), as well as the link to the video announcing the winner and the purpose of the hunt: to help fund the chapter's annual spring trip to Washington, D.C.

For $10, and a chance to win a Kindle, participants received a list of literary-themed items and a set amount of time to find and photograph the items, each worth a different amount of points. At the end of the hunt, scavenger hunters would compile and email their albums for judging. The person with the most points would be declared the winner. Additionally, a daily bonus round on Facebook was held, during which a challenge was set and participants had 24 hours to find and photograph the item, posting their photo to the Student Chapter’s Facebook page for additional points.

To contact this Student Chapter, visit the link above or find Clarion University on the Student Chapters Directory. Clarion University Student Chapter is also on Facebook.