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ALA Connect

ALA Connect

The American Library Association (ALA) is now providing members a common virtual space to engage in ALA business and network with other members around issues and interests relevant to the profession. Every group in  ALA Connect will have the ability to use the following tools:

  • ALA Connect is a place where members can engage with each other, and grow their networks by sharing their own expertise and more!
  • The new Connect offers quicker connections to groups and content, a more welcoming path for onboarding new or newly-active members, and opportunities to discover members of similar job titles, interests and other demographics so they can engage and experience meaningful career connections.
  • Your ALA Connect profile is your key to showcasing yourself and discovering your unique ALA presence.
  • Your documents and groups in the current Connect will be migrated to the new Connect. Members won’t lose any previous discussion or file content in active communities.

Official ALA Social Media Channels

For all social media related to ALA, see Official ALA Social Media Channels.

Facebook and Twitter


The ALA Student Chapter page facilitates communication and assistance among the student chapters and ALA.

The American Library Association Student to Staff Participants group on Facebook is a closed group comprised of the most current participants in the Student to Staff Program.

ALA Chapters on Facebook promotes communication and assistance among ALA and the ALA Chapters and Student Chapters.


If your association is not in the lists below, send Twitter username to

The ALA Chapter Relations Office on Twitter promotes communication and assistance among ALA and the ALA Chapters and Student Chapters.

State Library Associations, aka ALA Chapters, on Twitter

ALA Student Chapters on Twitter

ALA on Twitter

American Libraries

ALA Membership and Student Membership Blogs

Here is a link to the ALA member and ALA student member blogs. Check them out for stories of interest.

ALA Electronic Discussion Lists

To subscribe to ALA e-lists, or visit the e-list archives, visit the ALA Mailing Lists Service (SYMPA).

Send comments and questions regarding this page to Don Wood, Chapter Relations Office.