Trust Me | How Do You Know What to Believe?

AASL has partnered with the Getting Better Foundation (GBF) to share the award-winning documentary “Trust Me” with school librarians and their educator colleagues. The partnership is part of AASL’s ongoing to advancing the school librarian’s critical role as a media literacy educator. 

The documentary focuses on the need for media literacy and uses compelling human stories, facts, and experts to show empirical realities and the right way to consume media. 

Between August 16 and October 31, 2021, library professionals can purchase an on-demand viewing of the full 90-minute documentary. ALA members will receive a 50% discount on the regular retail price of $12.99 as a benefit of the partnership. Proceeds from streaming sales will benefit AASL and GBF media literacy efforts.

What AASL members are saying about the documentary:

"It reminds us that we can really make a difference through teaching the importance of being information literate. Prepare to be blown away!”
-- Liz Phillipi, School Program Coordinator, Texas State Library and Archives Commission
"The film arms us with tools to engage in essential conversations with our students and colleagues, especially in the face of our current infodemic."
-- Joyce Valenza, Associate Professor, Rutgers University

"This film should become part of the curriculum...we owe it to our youth to develop them into informed adults."
-- Esmeralda Majors, School Librarian, Creighton Elementary

In addition to streaming on-demand, school librarians can purchase a 14 day, one-year, or three-year license of the documentary to stream or host on the school library’s server. The license includes a discussion guide, written by the News Literacy Project, breaking the film into 15 teachable segments.

ALA members can redeem their 50% off benefit by clicking here. (Please note: You will be prompted to first log into the AASL/ALA website.)

Non-ALA members can click "Buy Tickets" below to purchase their streaming copy.

Getting Better Foundation seeks to build trust through truth. People who trust one another are more likely to help one another. The more people help one another, the better our world will be.