School Library Research (SLR) Volume 25

Refereed Research Articles

Wake, D., Hu, H., & Shaw E. (2022). "School Librarians Leading from the Center in Online Learning Contexts: Informal Communities of Practice Creating Space for Connection and Collaboration." School Library Research, 25. 

Board Approved: July 2022

Kammer, J., Atkins, C. & Burress, R. (2022). "The Personal Cost of Small Budgets & Underfunded Libraries: Out-of-Pocket Spending by School Librarians during COVID-19." School Library Research, 25.

Board Approved: June 2022

Smith, D., Milburn, S., Esener, Y. & Colby, D. (2022).  "Teachers Perceptions of One-to-One Laptop Implementation: Suggestions for the Role of School Librarians." School Library Research, 25. 

Board Approved: May 2022

Koh, K., Ge, X., & Petrella, J. B. (2022). "Librarian-teacher Co-teaching and the Role of School Librarians in Facilitating Inquiry and Maker Learning." School Library Research, 25. 

Board Approved: March 2022

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