School Library Media Research (SLMR) Volume 10

What We Want: Boys and Girls Talk about Reading pdf icon

Robin H. Boltz

Board approved: December 2007

Censorship: What Do School Library Specialists Really Know? A Consideration of Students’ Rights, the Law and Implications for a New Education Paradigm pdf icon

W. Bernard Lukenbill and James F. Lukenbill

Board approved: November 2007 

Reading Takes You Places: A Study of a Web-based Summer Reading Program pdf icon

Ya-Ling Lu and Carol Gordon

Board approved: November 2007 

Information Seeking and Use by Secondary Students: The Link between Good Practice and the Avoidance of Plagiarism pdf icon

Kirsty Williamson, Joy McGregor, Alyson Archibald, and Jen Sullivan

Board approved: September 2007 

Information Literacy and Self-regulation: A Convergence of Disciplines pdf icon

Sara Wolf

Board approved: September 2007 

Collection and Collaboration: Science in Michigan Middle School Media Centers pdf icon

Marcia Mardis and Ellen Hoffman

Board approved: April 2007

An Exploratory Study of Biology Teachers' Online Information Seeking Practices pdf icon

Anne Marie Perrault

Board approved: March 2007

Teacher-School Library Media Specialists Collaboration through Social Marketing Strategies: An Information Behavior Study pdf icon

Barbara Immroth and W. Bernard Lukenbill

Board approved: March 2007

School Libraries and Science Achievement: A View from Michigan's Middle Schools pdf icon

Marcia Mardis

Board approved: February 2007

Editor's Choice

Hearing the Voices of those We Help: Finding the Natural, Multidimensional Perspectives on the Value of School Libraries pdf icon

Ross J. Todd

Board approved: December 2007

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