Collaborative School Library Award


Monetary Amount: $2,500

Deadline: Currently Inactive


The Collaborative School Library Award recognizes and encourages collaboration and partnerships between school librarians and educators in meeting goals outlined in AASL’s National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries through joint planning of a program, unit or event in support of the curriculum and using school library resources.


  1. The applicants will be a school librarian and educators who have collaborated on a project to further the competencies in the Learner Framework in the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries.

  2. The applicant shall be a current AASL personal member.


The following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  1. To what degree did a collaborative effort occur, over a specific period of time between the school librarian and other educators, to execute the project, event or program?  Are there specific examples of the collaborative process? (This should include both planning and implementation.)
  2. How were the school library resources used to execute the project, event, or program?
  3. To what degree did the project, event or program align with the AASL National School Library Standards? Specifically, how does the project, event or program address any or all of the shared foundations - inquire, include, collaborate, curate, explore and engage?
  4. Does the project event or program serve as a model for others in collaborative planning?
  5. Did the applicant state what the learning outcomes achieved were?
  6. Does the supporting documentation support the applicant’s assessment of the above – mentioned areas of consideration.

The project submitted should reflect a best practice that can serve as a model for others in collaborative planning. It is recommended that a portion of the cash award be used to provide opportunities for the recipients to share their project at a state association conference.

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* Please note: This downloadable version is for informational purposes only. All applications must be submitted online, via the Apply Now button that will appear at the top of the page when the next award season opens in early September.


Allison Cline email icon
Deputy Executive Director


Year Recipient(s) School
2022 Michael Giller and David Gerhard South Carolina Governor's School
Greenville, South Carolina
  "We are honored to receive this year’s Collaborative School Library Award. Advancing arts education through collaboration is a key to our school’s success, and AASL’s shared foundations are a natural fit for arts curricula. It’s essential that the next generation understands the value of the First Amendment and how censorship affects libraries, literature, and the arts. This project helps students grow as artists and citizens while igniting a passion that’s evident in their designs."
2021 Amanda Hurley and Sarah Zehnder Fayette County Public Schools
Lexington, Kentucky
2020 Jillian Ehlers, Erin Hickey and Rachel Demalderis Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
Forest Hills, New York
2019 Carolyn Foote & Melinda Darrow Westlake High School
Austin, Texas
2018 Janine Johnson, Emily Shiller, Kim Moran, Charlsie Vanderrest, and Kelly Hall Scotts Ridge Middle School
Ridgefield, Conn.
2017 Mary Catherine Coleman, Sarah Beebe, Sarah Weitz,
Bev Greenberg, & Tisha Johnson
Francis W. Parker School
Chicago, Ill
2016 Deborah Floyd, Stephanie Stargardt, & Joshua Forbes G. W. Carver Middle School
Chester, Va.
2015 Stephanie Meurer, Jennifer Milstead, & Erin Kelley Sierra Middle School
Parker, Co.
2014 Brenda Boyer, Alison Kocis-Westgate & Josh Chambers Kutztown (Pa.) Area High School
2013 Jean Hellwege, Kim Ridder, Debbie Beran, & Eric Nelson Scott Middle School
Lincoln, Neb.


Sara Oremland, Darren McNally, Corinne Berletti, & Jessica Park

Albany (Calif.) High School

2011 Lucy Kempton, Laurie Williams, & Marisa Fiorito Deerfield (Ill.) High School
2010 Marilyn Rothberg General Wayne Elementary
Malvern, Penn.
2009 Maureen O'Neill & Dennis Jutras Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
Baltimore, Md.
2008 Ronda Hassig & Kathy Hill Harmony Middle School
Overland Park, Kan.
2007 Renee Zorc Daniel J. Wright Junior High School
Lincolnshire, Ill.
2006 Melissa Bergin Niskayuna (N.Y.) High School
2005 Valerie Edwards Monona (Wis.) Grove High School
2004 Margaret Lincoln Lakeview High School
Battle Creek, Mich.
2003 Leslie Preddy Perry Meridian Middle School
Indianapolis, Ind.
2002 Anieta Trame Mattoon (Ill.) Middle School
2001 Marilyn Rothberg Sugartown Elementary School
Malvern, Penn.
2000 Deborah Svenson Forestwood Middle School
Flower Mound, Texas