Developing Critical Curators Seeking Diverse Perspectives pdf icon NEW!

To support school librarians as they strive to develop learners who critically curate their own resources and include multiple perspectives, AASL tasked a 2022 ALA Emerging Leaders team with developing a guide for school librarians based on the Curate Shared Foundation in the National School Library Standards. Using this collection of activities and web resources, school librarians will reflect and be inspired as they collaborate with other educators and design school libraries that are places of information access and knowledge sharing. Learners will practice gathering information from diverse perspectives, evaluating and organizing their findings, and reflecting on their understanding of the information. An infographic, applied framework, and resource matrix further support application of these materials in professional development and instructional settings.

Developing Reflective Explorers and Innovators pdf icon

To guide school librarians in their work of inspiring future generations of explorers, AASL tasked a 2020 ALA Emerging Leaders team with developing a guide for school librarians based on the Explore Shared Foundation in the National School Library Standards. This collection of activities and web resources encourages learners and school librarians alike to develop personal curiosity, tinker and make, collaboratively solve problems, and iteratively respond to challenges in a growth mindset. An infographic and applied framework further support application of these materials in professional development and instructional settings.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Toolkit pdf icon

School librarians have observed open educational resources (OER) take root in higher education and have grappled with how to translate the OER movement to K–12 educational settings. The AASL OER Implementation Task Force’s charge was to position school librarians in OER efforts that will help extend their role as leaders within their schools, align with the AASL Standards, and provide professional development and make school libraries Future Ready. This toolkit can be used to help school librarians understand the process of curating and creating OER for their school, district, and/or state.

Developing Inclusive Learners and Citizens Activity Guide pdf icon

To aid school librarians in nurturing inclusive learning communities, AASL tasked a 2019 ALA Emerging Leaders team with developing a guide of reflection activities and resources based on the Include Shared Foundation in the National School Library Standards. Using the scenarios, activities, and resources in this guide, learners and school librarians alike can seek balanced perspectives, global learning, empathy, tolerance, and equity to support inclusive environments within and beyond the four walls of the school library. An infographic and applied framework further support application of these materials in professional development and instructional settings.

Defending Intellectual Freedom: LGBTQ+ Materials in School Libraries pdf icon

Stemming from an Affiliate Assembly concern, the 2018 ALA Emerging Leaders team was charged with creating a guide for AASL to support school librarians in addressing challenges related to censorship and patron privacy issues, particularly with LGBTQ+ materials. More than just a collection of resources, this work uses the AASL Standards framework as scaffolding to help users explore LGBTQ+ materials and needs in their own communities. Use the accompanying infographic and applied framework in the guide to navigate the document more quickly depending on your specific question or need. Activities in each section make this a valuable tool for professional development. This guide is a great example to any practitioner about how they can use the AASL Standards as a lens to address ANY school library issue!

AASL Advocacy Toolkit pdf icon

This advocacy toolkit provides a variety of materials to help school librarians and the stakeholders they work with understand the value of the school library, as well as the value of a school library staffed by a licensed school librarian. Resources in the toolkit provide school librarians with information they can use to build relationships with stakeholders in their communities to gain educated support for their programs.

Public Library and School Library Collaboration Toolkit pdf icon

Created by the AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation, the toolkit includes context and suggestions for creating partnerships of all sizes. It contains information on how to start and continue a public–school library collaboration, research that supports collaboration, examples of successful collaborations, and useful templates. Use this handout to promote the toolkit with colleagues and stakeholders.

Resource Guide for Underserved Student Populations pdf icon

Inspired by a concern brought forth from the AASL Affiliate Assembly, and developed for AASL by the 2016 ALA Emerging Leaders class, this toolkit brings together a wealth of resources available to aid school librarians working with students in five underserved populations: children in foster care, homeless children, children of incarcerated parents, children of migrant workers, and children in non-traditional families. Use this bookmark and handout to share the guide with colleagues and stakeholders.

Pre-Service Toolkit for Principals and Teachers pdf icon

The resources listed in the toolkit, developed by the AASL Educators of School Librarians Section (ESLS), can help to educate future principals and teachers about the significant role that quality library programs can play in student learning. The resources can also be shared with practicing principals and teachers, who would benefit from learning more about the impact that a quality school library program can have on their schools.

Toolkit for Promoting School Library Programs

This toolkit includes strategies, practical tips and tools, key messages, inspirational stories, and much more to help school librarians promote the many ways they transform teaching and learning within schools, districts, and communities through their library programs. 

School Library Program Health and Wellness Toolkit

This toolkit provides a full range of resources to help school librarians build or update plans for stakeholder support and true advocacy.

Crisis Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist the school librarian who has encountered an immediate threat to their position and/or program. The toolkit guides school librarians through building meaningful and effective stakeholder support.

Parent Advocate Toolkit

Parents can be a school librarian’s strongest and most vocal advocates.  This toolkit is designed to help school librarians build parent support for their programs.

Common Core State Standards Implementation Assistance Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist school librarians in (1) understanding the Common Core State standards, (2) creating plans with classroom teachers for implementing the standards, and (3) acting on these plans.

School Librarian's Role in Reading Toolkit 

School librarians are in a critical and unique position to partner with other educators to elevate the reading development of our nation’s youth. This toolkit offers resources to ensure the school librarian’s role in reading.

Common Core State Standards Action Toolkit for Public Librarians

This toolkit has been prepared by a joint task force comprised of AASL, ALSC, and YALSA members to help public librarians learn more about CCSS and apply that knowledge to their practice.