School Library Programs Create Lifelong Learners

A Student’s and Parent’s Guide to Evaluating Independent School Libraries

Debrochure graphicveloped by AASL’s Independent School Section (ISS), this brochure is a guide to help students and parents evaluate independent school libraries. Choosing the independent school your child will attend is an important decision, and this guide presents learning standards and critical questions to help a family identify the important characteristics of a strong school library program.

Downloading and Ordering

Download the complete brochure to print on letter-size paper or to share electronically. Or customize your brochure with your own personalized introduction specific to your school or district? If possible, address your recipient by name. Use data you've collected in your own library. Use this area to tell your story with a student success story!  

You can also purchase full-color brochures from the ALA Online Store external link icon or by calling 1-866-SHOP ALA (1-866-746-7252) or 1-312-944-6780. Price is $7.00 for packets of 25 brochures.