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"School Libraries and Librarians are Critical to Educational Success"
June 22, 2003  |  June 25, 2012


School Librarians Transform Learning infographic thumbnail

School Librarians Transform Learning
Created for the digital supplement School Libraries Transform Learning, this infographic includes statistics and quotes on the school librarians' impact on student learning and leadership within the school. The infographic is freely available for download by members of the media and general public provided no alterations are made and that the posting is for education, noncommercial purposes only.

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Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students
Created by the AASL Legislation Committee, this infographic is freely available for download by members of the media and general public provided no alterations are made and that the posting is for education, noncommercial purposes only. Additional resources are also available.

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Common Core State Standards Action Brief

In partnership with Achieve, AASL has released Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the School Librarian, an action brief on the role of school librarians in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The brief was designed not only for school librarians who are supporting higher standards for student learning, but also for school leaders as they rethink and re-envision the role that the library can and should play in a major school initiative. 

  • Members of the media and public are welcome to post the downloadable PDF of this document provided that no alternations are made and that the posting is for educational, noncommercial purposes only. ©2013 AASL. All rights reserved. For a list of ALA’s full list of rights and permissions guidelines visit

  • All print copies made available through the grant funding for this project have already been distributed. School librarians are permitted to print and distribute the PDF document to educators and stakeholders in their schools and districts. 

Position Statements

The official position of AASL on matters related to the school library profession.


AASL Senior/Capstone Project Task Force Report pdf icon
This preliminary report on the implementation of student-centered Senior/Capstone Projects will provide school librarians with information about the many ways in which they can be involved in such projects. In addition, it offers links to multiple resources in the United States, including exemplars with specific contacts across a range of public schools. View the related Position Statement on the Role of the School Librarian in Senior/Capstone Projects.

Impact of the Loss of a State Library Consultant/Coordinator pdf icon
Excerpt from an AASL task force report detailing how a state affiliate can advocate for positions of State Department Consultants/Coordinators and District Supervisors of Library Programs.

AASL Urban Schools Task Force Report pdf icon
The task force conducted two national surveys to gain feedback from urban librarians and urban library administrators about their current work situations and specific needs.

Research and Statistics

AASL Research & Statistics
Compiled research and statistics on school library programs including "School Libraries Count!," AASL's longitudinal survey which aims to gather data on changes in the field to gain understanding of the state of school library programs nationally.

Add It Up: Libraries Make the Difference external link
Research and statistics to help advocates make the case for libraries at every stage of youth development and education.

Working Together Is Working Smarter Infographic
This infographic details key school librarian findings from Remodeling Literacy Learning: Making Room for What Works, a report released by the National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE). The report details key findings from a nationwide survey and investigates the connection between professional learning, educator collaboration, and student learning.

School/Public Library Cooperative Programs external link

A bibliography on school & public library partnerships, links to school and public library cooperative programs, and lists of exemplary websites about school & public library partnerships.

State Contacts

Contact information for state-level school librarian association leadership and the state Department of Education school library liaison.