Crayola Creativity Week

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Crayola Creativity Week began in 2022 to celebrate the joy creativity brings to teaching and learning. With a variety of author, illustrator and celebrity partners joining the celebration there are resources, giveaways, and virtual content all week long. School librarians can register to be informed as resources are rolled out on the Creativity Week website. In 2024, Crayola Creativity Week will be celebrated January 22-28, 2024. Sign up now.

Crayola has compiled content and resources educators can use during Creativity Week and year round. Resources curated by AASL volunteers can be found below and more will be added up until the event.



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Professional Learning Resources

General Creativity Resources

Creativity & Innovation
Knowledge Quest, Volume 42, No. 5

In order to stay ahead of the curve, school librarians must be creative and innovative in their approach to their programs. Guest edited by Jami L. Jones, this AASL Knowledge Quest issue discusses what creativity is and how school librarians can take creativity to action in their programs.

The Motivational and Information Needs of Young Innovators: Stimulating Student Creativity and Inventive Thinking
This School Library Research article describes a study conducted by a research team at Syracuse University’s Center for Digital Literacy investigating the attitudes toward innovation activities, motivational supports, and information needs of young innovators in grade 4–8 as they progressed through the innovation process. 

Crayola Creativity Week Literacy Connections
A list of books to spark creativity in learners in grades K-4. Canva | 8x14 PDF

Sunni Brown: Doodlers, Unite!
Studies show that sketching and doodling improve our comprehension -- and our creative thinking. Sunni Brown makes the case for unlocking your brain via pad and pen in this TED Talk. 

Sketchnotes are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-lettering, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines. Sketchnotes don't require special drawing skills, but do require you to listen and visually synthesize and summarize ideas by using writing and drawing.

To "upcycle" means to recycle or reuse something in a way that increases the original object's value. In other words, upcycling is taking something old and creating something new. Examples of upcycling include using materials from plastic bottles to make new shoes or reclaimed wood to make quality furniture.

International Dot Day Resources
International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration, began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot on September 15, 2009. This page contains resources to celebrate Dot Day that can also be used to celebrate Crayola Creativity Week.


Resources to Pair With Events Scheduled for 2023

Creativity Week Event   Resources

Monday, January 23
Endless Possibilities With NASA Space Explorers & Illustrator Shane Tolentino


NASA in the Library
During this archived webinar, participants learn about the resources for educators in all content areas and all grade levels provided by NASA, participate in a model lesson, and will return to their school library with enthusiasm. 

Crayola Creativity Week Day One – You Are Going
In this Knowledge Quest post, blogger Hannah Byrd Little shares classroom connections and free resources for those who dream of space travel.

Tuesday, January 24
Building Dreams and Community With Broadway Star Ali Stroker & Illustrator Gillian Reid


Building Dreams and Community
Use this visual book list template to share middle grade theater recommendations with students as well as some keyword terms they can use to search your library catalog.

Celebrating Crayola’s Creativity Week with Kindergarten
In this Knowledge Quest post, blogger Kelly Hincks uses the book Ali and the Sea Stars to create responsive classroom lessons for Kindergarten.

Building Dreams and Community: Celebrating Crayola Creativity Week with Ali and The Sea Stars
Wondering how to add some drama to your lessons? In this post on Knowledge Quest, Elizabeth Libberton shares lessons to pair with Ali and the Sea Stars.

Wednesday, January 25
Dancing With Traditions Featuring Professional Indigenous Dancer Ria Thundercloud & Illustrator Kalila J. Fuller


Dancing with Tradition
Inspire students to read about more culture and dance connections with additional picture books. This visual book list has a diverse selection of titles available in an editable template. 

Dancing with Traditions: Crayola Creativity Week
Becca Munson, a blogger for Knowledge Quest, shares additional lesson ideas, books, and videos to use in connecting dance with Native American traditions.

Thursday, January 26
Language and Laughter With Comedian and Impractical Jokers Star James “Murr” Murray & Comedy Writer Carsen Smith


5 Lesson Ideas with Picture Books and Laughter
In this AASL Knowledge Quest post, blogger Maureen Schlosser shares a list of funny books with lesson ideas that will lighten anyone's day. 

Laughter in the Library
In this AASL Knowledge Quest post, blogger Mark Dzula asks is school librarians shoulw be aware of the affordances of laughter as an act of communication and could there be such a thing as a literacy of laughter?

Friday, January 27
Keys to Kindness With Child Actor & Artist Winslow Fegley


Different Types of SEL Activities to Build School Library Culture
In this AASL Knowledge Quest post, blogger Jessica Fitzpatrick shares some of her favorite SEL activities to do with learners to build school library culture. All of the activities she shares are cost-effective and easy to administer in any setting. 

Compelling Resources to Support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Library
In this AASL Knowledge Quest post, blogger Maureen Schlosser shares resources and ideas for a brainstorming session on a collaborative lesson with your educator colleagues. Items listed address the Shared Foundations and Key Commitments from the AASL Standards Framework for Learners.

SEL and the Inquire Shared Foundation: Lesson Ideas with Picture Books
In this AASL Knowledge Quest post, blogger Maureen Schlosser explores how the AASL Standards Framework for Learners provides social and emotional learning (SEL) opportunities in the school library.

Saturday, January 28
Self-Confidence and Student Voice With Hip-Hop Star Darryl “DMC” McDaniels & Illustrator Tristan Tait


We Don't Shush Here: Student Voice in the Library
Student voice is the notion that since students have the greatest stake in what happens on campus, they can and should have the greatest say in what happens there. Participants will understand student voice and the positive impact it has on students and school communities, see examples of student voice in action in Elizabethton, Tennessee and Fort Dodge, Iowa, and will create a plan to encourage student voice in their own school libraries. Speaker(s): Dustin Hensley, Librarian at Elizabethton High School, and Christine Sturgeon, District Librarian at Fort Dodge Community School District

Power to the Pupil: Student Agency in the School Library
Knowledge Quest, Volume 45, No. 4

What is student agency and why is it important to our practice as school librarians? These two questions are the propelling force behind the Mar/Apr 2017 Knowledge Quest issue edited by Andrea Paganelli. The featured articles focus on the three-pronged approach - that the concept of student agency consists of motivation, engagement, and voice.

Adding Student Voice with the Junior Library Council
In this post on Knowledge Quest, blogger Kelly Hincks shares how she increased student voice in the library by starting a Junior Library Council (JLC).

Recognize Student Voice And Build Student Self-Confidence
Knowledge Quest blogger Steve Tetreault writes how supporting student voice bolsters students’ self-confidence - an important element in encouraging life-long learning.

Sunday, January 29
Weathering Emotions With Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer & Illustrator Rosie Butcher


Weather SEL Class Check Ins
Starting a lesson or group with a quick check in not only welcomes students into the library space, but gives librarians an opportunity to assess student well-being. As you use these activities, keep an eye on students as individuals to identify any who might need additional support.

Unleashing Imagination: Celebrating Crayola Creativity Week with Misty the Cloud and the Magic of Cloud Science
In this Knowledge Quest blog post, Maureen Schlosser shares lesson ideas and resources focused on weather and Misty the Cloud.

STEM, Art, SEL, and Literacy: A Perfect Match for Learners
Knowledge Quest blogger Jessica Fitzpatrick shares her favorite activities that are paired perfectly with Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day and any other weather picture book that discusses emotions.