AASL Strategic Plan

AASL adopted its current Strategic Plan in June 2019 during the 2019 ALA Annual Conference.


Leadership Activation

Goal: AASL builds capacity for leadership at all levels.


  • Refine existing participation models.
  • Increase alternative participation models.
  • Increase opportunities for state and local leaders to enhance their leadership capacity.
  • Cultivate AASL leadership involvement throughout ALA.

Education Policy

Goal: AASL influences local, state, and national policy to ensure that school libraries are well-funded and fully staffed with full-time, certified school librarians and dedicated support personnel.


  • Increase ALA’s understanding of and action on education policy issues that impact school librarians.
  • Influence funding entities to include school libraries and school librarians as leaders in transformative teaching and learning.
  • Enhance member understanding of how education policy issues impact practice.
  • Enhance administrator understanding of school libraries within local, state, and national education policy.


Goal: AASL advances research that informs school librarian practice.


  • Facilitate evidence-informed school librarian practices.
  • Increase visibility of research related to school librarians.
  • Communicate research findings to practitioners and other leaders.

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