AASL Nomination by Petition Process

Prior to running for an AASL elected position, it is recommended that members review the nomination process, office qualifications, and campaigning for elected office policies:

Section E: Nominations and Elections
E-1: Nominations Process
E-2: Office Qualifications
E-3: Campaigning for Elected Office

The AASL Bylaws allow for any current AASL member to run for an elected office through petition.

Article VI, Section 4. Nominations by Petitions
A candidate may be nominated by a petition signed by fifty (50) AASL members. This petition, together with the written consent of the nominee, shall be filed with the AASL Executive Director by February 1. The names of candidates so nominated by petition shall be added to the official ballot.

The process to run for an AASL elected position by petition:

  1. Candidates must submit a “consent to run” form.
  2. Within 24 hours of form submission, a candidate will receive a link to their personal petition form. It is the member’s responsibility to obtain the required fifty (50) signatures by the February 1 deadline. All AASL petition forms are kept behind a member wall to ensure signers are AASL members in good standing. This process enables AASL to accept all signatures as valid in real-time and expedite the process for ballot inclusion.
  3. Petition candidates must fill out the AASL Candidate Ballot Biographical Questionnaire Form. Please consider submitting this form while concurrently gathering your petition signatures. It is strongly recommended that the form be reviewed and started as early as possible given the length and information requested.