Guidelines for Participation in AASL Elections

  1. The AASL Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate that includes the names of two or more candidates for each vacant AASL elected position.

  2. Candidates for AASL elected positions shall be submitted by the AASL Nominating Committee and approved by the AASL Executive Committee at its fall meeting prior to the ALA Midwinter Meeting. (Requires amendment of AASL Bylaws)

  3. Names of petition candidates must be submitted to the AASL office by February 1. (Requires amendment of AASL Bylaws)

  4. Profiles of candidates for AASL elected positions will be presented to the AASL for publication on the ALA ballot and AASL publications.

  5. Promotional materials for AASL candidates distributed to AASL members must show name and affiliation of the individual or group sponsoring the candidate and providing financial underwriting for the production distribution of the material. (May require addition to AASL Bylaws)

  6. Promotional materials for AASL candidates may be distributed at the ALA Midwinter Meeting outside the All Committee Meeting, Affiliate Assembly Meetings and the AASL Candidates Forum at a table sponsored by the AASL Nominating Committee.

  7. AASL candidates not able to attend the AASL Candidates Forum may send a representative to present the candidate's statement. The representative must by a member of the AASL and not a member of the Nominating Committee.

  8. Whenever possible, AASL candidates may be introduced at the AASL National Conference in years when this event is scheduled. Promotional materials for AASL candidates may be distributed at the AASL National Conference in the approved literature bins.

Approved by the AASL Board of Directors, June 2002