Career Days

  1. Contact Local High School or Junior College, Mall, or other organization that has held a Career Day/Job Fair event in the past. Ask when the next event is to be held, how to register, if there are any fees, etc.

  2. Register for a spot at the Career Day/Job Fair.

  3. Know the answers to these questions -— Is there a fee to participate? What space will you have? 8 x 10 feet? Will you have a table and what size is it? Will it be covered with a cloth or skirted? Will chairs be available? Will electrical hookups be available? If yes, is there a charge? Do you need an extension cord?

  4. Create or borrow a display for the day. Decide what materials you will give out, brochures, bookmarks, pencils or buttons. Prepare cards participants can fill out and leave with you requesting more information about library careers.

  5. Order any supplies that you need.

  6. Call fellow librarians in the area and recruit them to help you at the booth.

  7. Schedule yourself out of the library.

One Week Before

  1. Check with the organizer of the event with any last minute questions and to confirm your participation and location at the event.

  2. Check to see if all supplies that were ordered have arrived.

  3. If you will have any additional handouts such as pencils of your library, small pieces of candy, etc. purchase or gather them together along with any additional supplies such as tape, pins, stapler, etc.

  4. Gather any equipment you will need that will not be furnished by the host. Table, chairs, extension cord, tablecloth, VCR, etc.

The Day Before the Event

  1. Check and confirm that all supplies, the display, giveaway items, and any other supplies i.e. tablecloth, that may be needed are packed and ready to go.

  2. If using a video at the event, checks to make sure it works, and gather any needed equipment that you may be taking with you. Include an extension cord.

The Day of the Event

  1. Arrive at the event at least one hour before the event begins to set up display. This allows for locating your spot, unloading, parking, setting up display; check out VCR to be sure it is working, scout out who is around you and where restrooms, water fountains, or food is located.

  2. Be at the booth and ready to go when the event starts.

  3. During the event. Stand in front of the display if at all possible. This makes you more approachable. Do not sit unless there is a break in the activities or no one is in your area. Have a few of your giveaways in hand to pass out to those who are going by. Stay until the end of the event and do not begin to pack up your supplies till the event is over.

  4. Cover the booth the entire time of the event with another librarian alternate giving each other breaks. Keep conversations between you to a minimum so that you are available to give your full attention to those stopping by.

  5. At the end of the event pack up display and all of your items. Clean up your area by picking up all papers and other accumulated trash and disposing of it properly.

The Day after the Event

  1. Pack up supplies from the day before and put them away. If the display was borrowed prepare to ship it back to owner.

  2. Write thank you notes to anyone who helped with the booth.

  3. Write a thank you note to the chair of the event and request that your name is posted to a list so that you can be given notice of when the next event is to be held.

  4. Contact any people who left you a follow-up card requesting additional information about Librarianship.

IMPORTANT! Any recruitment event should focus on what the librarian does, NOT on what the library does.

Beverly Obert
Library Development Coordinator
Rolling Prairie Library System
Decatur, IL 62522