Information for School Librarianship Education Programs

The ALA/AASL/CAEP School Librarian Preparation Standards (2019) consist of five standards: The Learner and Learning, Planning for Instruction, Knowledge and Application of Content, Organization and Access, and Leadership, Advocacy, and Professional Responsibility.

ALA/AASL/CAEP School Librarian Preparation Standards (2019) replaces the previously approved 2010 Standards for the Initial Preparation of School Librarians. Programs can use either the 2010 or 2019 standards through fall 2021. Beginning in spring 2022 programs submitting initial reports must use the 2019 standards. Programs that are currently completed their initial program report and are currently under revision should continue to use the 2010 standards.

Program Report Resources

Please consult Frequently Asked Questions for information about the current status of ALA/AASL with regard to program reviews in the CAEP accreditation process.


Orientation and program report writing training are offered at ALA Annual Conference and ALA Midwinter Meetings.