AASL Appointments to ALA & ALA Division/Office Working Groups

Carnegie/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award

  • Kathy Lester

ALA Appointment Committee

  • Becky Calzada

ALA Planning and Budget Assembly

  • Juan Rivera

ALA Conference Committee

  • TBA

ALA Committee on Library Advocacy

  • Julie Stivers

ALA Committee on Library Advocacy: Ecosystem Subcommittee

  • Sara Kelly Johns

ALA Membership Promotion Task Force

  • N/A

ALA Committee on Education

  • Pamela Moore

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee

  • Martha Hickson

ALA EDI Assembly

  • Erika Long

ALA Literacy Assembly

  • Judi Moreillon

ALA Committee on Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds

  • N/A

ALA Committee on Professional Ethics

  • Jahala Simuel

ALA Information Technology Advisory Committee

  • Stacy Brown

Freedom to Read Foundation

  • Jamie Gregory

Jaffarian Award Committee

  • Anita Cellucci, Chair
  • Anne Link, Chair-Elect

Recruitment Assembly

  • TBA

CORE Committee on Cataloging: Children's and Youth Materials

  • Cathi Fuhrman

PLA Family Engagement Committee

  • Brooke Corso

RUSA Accessibility Assembly

  • Diane Chen