AASL Chapters State Standards Mailing

To facilitate a conversation about the AASL Standards with other educational leaders in your state, AASL is providing AASL Chapters with the resources needed to open that dialogue. Each state will be provided with four copies of the "National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries" and four packets of the "AASL Standards Framework for Learners" to be distributed to the Superintendent/Commissioner of Education, the state Principal Association, the State Librarian, and the Teacher of the Year.

AASL Chapters are asked to connect with their Superintendent/Commissioner of Education, Principal Association, State Librarian, and Teacher of the Year to discuss the AASL Standards and the role of school librarians in their state by:

  • Assigning a chapter representative to meet in-person to hand deliver one AASL Standards book, one packet of the Learner Framework, other relevant resources to each entity, or
  • Mailing each entity a chapter drafted cover letter with one AASL Standards book, one packet of Learner Framework, and other relevant resources.

AASL will subsidize postage and mileage (62.5 cents/mile as of July 1, 2022) up to $300.


  1. The AASL Chapter assigns a representative to coordinate the standards mailing process and serve as the primary contact to AASL.
  2. For each of the four entities, the AASL Chapter determines if the AASL Standards publication and Learner Framework will be hand delivered or mailed. The AASL Chapter will also draft appropriate messaging for an in-person visit or compose a cover letter.
  3. The AASL Chapter determines who from the AASL Chapter will be responsible for either hand delivering or mailing the AASL Standards publication and Learner Framework to each entity.
  4. The AASL Chapter primary contact reviews and completes the form below.
  5. AASL mails the AASL Standards publication and Learner Framework to those indicated on submitted form.
  6. The AASL Chapter representative(s) hand delivers or mails the AASL Standards publication and Learner Framework to each entity.
  7. The AASL Chapter primary contact collects mileage and/or postage costs and submits all at once to AASL with required paperwork.
  8. AASL sends reimbursement as indicated.

For questions about this process, please contact AASL Chapter Staff Liaison Jen Habley. Distribution of the “National School Library Standards” and Learner Frameworks is made possible by a generous grant from AASL member Marina “Marney” Welmers.