AASL Chapters State Standards Mailing: Reimbursement

AASL will subsidize postage and mileage (62.5 cents/mile when travel takes place between July 1 and December 31, 2022) up to $300 per AASL Chapter.

Reimbursement Process

Once your W-9 has been submitted to AASL, AASL staff will submit your paperwork to ALA for processing. Please note, this takes takes approximately 10-14 business days to complete and must be completed before your reimbursement can be processed. Submission of your W-9 is required by ALA and is not for tax purposes.

  • Complete a Standards sharing report for the visit/mailing you are requesting reimbursement for. This must be recieved by AASL before your reimbursement can be processed.