Statements of Commendation

Commendations and AASL

Commendations are similar to Statements of Concern, the difference is Affiliate Assembly Delegates nominate outstanding programs and events deserving of recognition at the national level. Receiving validation and praise at the national level for successful programs or events that follow the mission and principles of AASL is a powerful advocacy tool.

Statement of Commendation Process

The Statement of Commendation process is very similar to the Statement of Concern process.

  1. Two to three months prior to the ALA Annual Conference, Affiliate Assembly Delegates meet with their state association members and identify outstanding programs and events deserving recognition and commendation. Programs or events must align with AASL's guidelines, mission, and principles as expressed in AASL's mission and vision statements. While many individuals are worthy of recognition, Commendations are limited to programs or events. Individuals can be recognized by nomination for an AASL Award. Delegates complete a Statement of Commendation form and submit the form to their Regional Representative.

  2. After reviewing the commendation for complete information, the Representative submits it to the Affiliate Assembly Chair.

  3. Before ALA Annual Conference, the Affiliate Assembly Coordinating Team reviews commendations submitted. The leadership votes and the commendations meeting the criteria of a "program or event recognized" and "aligning with AASL's guidelines, mission, and principles" are forwarded to the Affiliate Assembly for action.

  4. At Affiliate Assembly II, the assembly discusses the commendation and votes to forward the commendation to the AASL Executive Committee.

  5. During the second and final Executive Committee meeting at Annual Conference, the AASL Executive Committee evaluates commendations approved by the Assembly and votes on whether to award a commendation.

  6. Post Annual Conference, the AASL staff liaison to the Affiliate Assembly notifies the Affiliate Assembly Chair on the actions of the AASL Executive Committee. The Chair notifies the Regional Directors and Representatives, who then contact the Affiliate. Commendation letters and certificates are mailed to the Affiliate contact listed on the Statement of Commendation form so that the Affiliate may award the commendation.

Commendations History

Past AASL Affiliate Assembly Commendations Recipients