YALSA Program Goals - In Priority Order

  1. Understanding of the importance of library services to young adults is promoted
  2. Efforts to ensure equal access to libraries and information services for all young adults are promoted.
  3. Librarians receive assistance in providing their clients with materials pertaining to the specific needs and interests of young adults.
  4. Librarians are assisted in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and services which address the social, psychological, educational, recreational needs of young adults.
  5. Protection of First Amendment rights is promoted.
  6. Continuing education for librarians who work with young adults is encouraged, promoted, and provided.
  7. Positive legislation related to youth is encouraged and promoted.
  8. Research in youth related fields is encouraged.
  9. National organizations serving youth and their memberships are assisted with meeting the needs of youth.
  10. Producers and disseminators of media are encouraged to respond to the needs of young adults.

Revised - January 1993