Publications Advisory Board

Function: To assist with the development of a publications program in the areas of young adult services and materials; identify topics to be covered and potential authors; to regularly review all YALSA publications in all formats and make recommendations to the YALSA Web Services Manager regarding those needing revision or elimination.

Type: Standing

Date of Completion: Continuing

Membership: 6 virtual members including at least two members from the previous year.


  • Current membership in YALSA
  • In order to accomplish work in a virtual environment taskforce members must be competent users of web 2.0 tools, including but not limited to wikis, e-chats and ALA Connect.
  • Knowledge of current topics and trends of interest to librarians serving teens
  • Familiarity with and access to professional periodicals and monographs
  • Ability to network with individuals in order to identify and recruit authors and editors

For information on the responsibilities of committee/jury/taskforce members, visit YALSA's Handbook.

Term of Office: 2 years, commencing after Annual and ending after Annual.

History: Established 1981; updated June 1994; March 2011

Staff Liaison: Anna Lam