Committee, Jury & Task Force Chair Information

To access additional information about these groups, visit the list of committees page.  From there you can access links to each group's web page which provide details about their work and scope.

Advancing Diversity Taskforce
Chair:  Nicole Cooke
Board Liaison: Sandra Hughes Hassell

AASL/ALSC/YALSA Committee on School and Public Library Cooperation
Chair: Allison Louise Barney (ALSC)
Board Liaison: Kathy Ishizuka

ALSC/Booklist/YALSA Odyssey Award Committee 
Chair: Joan Kindig (ALSC)
Liaison: Robert Bittner

Alex Award Committee 
Chair: Mara Cota
Liaison: Summer Hayes

Amazing Audiobooks Blogging Team
Coordinator: Ariel Cummins
Liaison: The Hub Blog Manager

Annual Conference Marketing & Local Arrangements
Chair: TBD
Liaison: Derek Ivie

Best Fiction for Young Adults Committee
Chair: Kim Dare
Liaison: Robert Bittner

Competencies Update Taskforce
Chair: Valerie Davis
Board Liaison: Sandra Hughes Hassell

Division and Membership Promotion Committee 
Chair: Colleen Seisser
Board Liaison: Melissa McBride

Editorial Advisory Board (YALS & YALSAblog)
Chair:  Crystle Martin & Allison Renner
Board Liaison: Mega Subramaniam

Executive Committee
Chair: Sandra Hughes-Hassell
Board Liaison: N/A

Financial Advancement Committee 
Chair: Kate Denier
Board Liaison: Clara Bohrer

Governance Nominating 2018
Chair: Sarah Sogigian
Liaison: Sarah Hill

Graphic Novel Selection
Chair: Alea Perez
Liaison: Summer Hayes

Hub Advisory Board
Chair: Molly Wetta
Board Liaison:Crystle Martin

JRLYA Advisory Board 
Chair: Vanessa Irvin
Board Liaison: Kafi Kumasi

Leadership Fundraising Taskforce
Chair: Samantha Helmick
Board Liaison: Clara Bohrer

Margaret Edwards Committee 2018
Chair: Jonathan Hunt
Liaison: Charli Osborne

Margaret Edwards Committee 2019
Chair: Rebecca Denham

Mentoring Taskforce
Chair: TBD
Board Liaison:

Michael L. Printz Award 2018
Chair: Angela Carstensen
Liaison: Shelly McNerney

Michael L. Printz Award 2019
Chair: Rachel Fryd

Midwinter Paper Presentation Planning Committee 
Chair: Cindy Welch
Board Liaison: Mega Subramaniam

Morris Award Committee 2018
Chair: Sarah Julsonnet
Liaison: Ellen Spring

National Library Legislative Day Taskforce
Chair: TBD
Board Liaison:

Nonfiction Award 2018
Chair: Wendy Stephens
Liaison: Sandy Craft

Nonfiction Award 2019
Chair: Renee Lyons

Organization and Bylaws Committee 
Chair:  Melissa McBride
Board Liaison: N/A

President's Planning Taskforce
Chair: Julie Stivers
Board Liaison: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Quick Picks Blogging Team
Coordinator: Dana Hutchins
Liaison: The Hub Blog Manager

Research Committee 
Chair:  Robin Moeller
Board Liaison: Todd Krueger

Selection & Awards Committees' Oversight Committee
Chair: Shelly McNerNey
Board Liaison: Sarah Hill

Summer Learning Taskforce
Chair: Robin Sofge
Board Liaison: Jane Gov

Teen Read Week Committee 
Chair: Dora Ho
Board Liaison:Jessi Snow

Teen Tech Week Committee 
Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: Jessi Snow

Teens' Top Ten Committee 
Chair:  Stephanie Charlefour
Board Liaison: Franklin Escobedo

YA Services Symposium Taskforce 2017
Chair: Dawn McMillan
Board Liaison: Derek Ivie