Alex Award Committee

Type: Standing

Date of Establishment: Annual 1997

Membership: 9, plus one consultant from Booklist and one administrative assistant if requested by the chair. All members are appointed by YALSA's President-Elect. Members serve a one-year term with the possibility of appointment for one additional year.


  • Current membership in YALSA
  • Experience in evaluating library materials, such as relevant course work, on the job materials evaluation experience, writing reviews and/or relevant articles, previous selection committee experience, etc.
  • Ability to attend both ALA's Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference during your term of appointment on the committee.
  • Ability to dedicate a significant amount of time to seeking out and reading relevant titles.
  • No conflicts of interest in accordance with YALSA’s Award & Selection Committee Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • High ethical standards
  • Previous service on a YALSA committee/jury/taskforce is preferred.

For information on the responsibilities of committee/jury/taskforce members, visit YALSA's Handbook.

Function: To select and provide annotations for ten books from the previous year's publications written for adults which have special appeal for young adults, ages 12 through 18, and to compile and annotate a list of official nominees. 

Term: 2 years, commencing February 1 and ending Jan. 31 two years later.

Procedures: See Policies and Procedures.

History: Funded by the Margaret Alexander Edwards Trust for five years at $5,000 per year.

Updated October 2011