YALSA Reps to ALA Member Groups

YALSA Reps to ALA Member Groups
ALA Member Group

YALSA Representative

ALA Appointment Committee

Christopher Shoemaker

ALA Advocacy Coordinating Group

Linda Braun

ALA BARC Planning Budget & Assembly

Pamela Spencer Holley

Conference Program Coordinating Team

Carla Land

ALA Education Assembly

Karen Keys

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee

Kelly Czarnecki

ALA Legislation Assembly

Jennifer Korn

ALA Literacy Assembly

Courtney Lewis

ALA Membership Promotion Taskforce

Krista McKenzie

ALA Professional Ethics Committee

Francisca Goldsmith

ALA Recruitment Assembly

Candice Mack

ALA Research & Statistics Assembly

Rebecca Morris

ALA Schneider Family Book Award

Susan Person

ALA Website Advisory Committee

Ariel Cummins

ASCLA Accessibility Assembly

Elizabeth Burns

Freedom to Read Foundation

Wendy Stephens

New Members Round Table

Stefanie Graen