Volunteer of the Year Award Jury

Work with YALSA's communications manager to promote and to solicit nominees for the following member awards for outstanding service to YALSA: 1) Chair of the Year 2) Member of the Year and 3) Member Group of the Year.  Evaluate each nominee based on the nature and scope of accomplishment(s) and the degree of impact the work conducted has on advancing one or more goals in YALSA's Strategic Plan.  Between December and January review the applications.  Work with YALSA's communications Manager to issue a press release announcing the winners by Feb. 1st.


  • Current membership in YALSA
  • In order to accomplish work in a virtual environment jury members must be competent users of online tools, including but not limited to wikis, Google docs, Skype and ALA Connect
  • Knowledge of what committee/jury/taskforce/advisory board work entails
  • Marketing skills

Term: one year appointment, July 1 to June 30

Jury size: 5 virtual members, including the chair