Reading & Writing Related Activities

1) Follow the Teens' Top Ten tumblr!

2) Spread the word about your favorite book (or books!) on Twitter, Facebook, etc!

3) Love to write? Write and submit your work to Merlyn's Pen, Teen Ink, or Cicada Magazine and you might just get published!

4) Encourage your friends to check out the list of Teens' Top Ten nominations/official titles and tell them to get their read on!

5) Blog for YALSA! Teen bloggers are welcome to blog for YALSA on our YA Lit blog!

6) Create a goodreads account and share and discover book recommendations!

7) Nominate your favorite books for one of book awards or lists!

8) Visit your local library and ask your librarian about activities they might be doing for the Teens' Top Ten. Or ask if you can make some suggestions! For example, maybe you can help promote your favorite book by making a poster.

9) After you've read one (or all!) of the nominees, write a book review and share it with your parents, librarian, teacher, and friends.

10) Form a book club at school! Or if you already have a book club, join it and spread the word about the Teens' Top Ten!

Questions or have more activity suggestions? Email Anna Lam at