Committees, Juries, Advisory Boards

Committees, juries, taskforces and advisory boards are appointed groups established by the Board to help carry out the work of YALSA. Appointed groups are regularly assigned specific tasks by the Board to complete. These groups are for members who:

  • want to give back to the organization and help YALSA achieve its goals
  • have the necessary time to commit to devote to the work of the group
  • are skilled in conducting work virtually through tools such as ALA Connect, video chats, Google Docs and more
  • enjoy working in a team environment
  • are enthusiastic about supporting and advancing YALSA's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

To learn more about the responsibilities of committee members, check out the Committee FAQ visit YALSA’s Handbook or read an article about association committee service (PDF) from ASAE. If you decide that you have the necessary time to devote to an appointed group and want to use your skills to give back to the organization, consider filling out a Volunteer Form.

See YALSA's representatives to ALA committees.

YALSA Taskforces

Taskforces are appointed on a rolling basis, as they are formed by the Board.

YALSA Juries

Juries are appointed in the early fall and work from Nov. through Jan.  YALSA has several award juries who determine the winners of the grant or award with the same name:  


Strategic Committees and Advisory Boards

These are appointed in March and start work in July.  The purpose of a strategic committee is to help carry out the business of the association by handling matters such as membership recruitment, planning Teen Read Week, local arrangements at conferences, and much more.  If you have not served on a committee before and would like to help YALSA carry out the work of the association, strategic committees are where you can get your start.  All Strategic Committees and Juries are 100 percent virtual except for the Executive Committee. Volunteer by filling out the Committee Volunteer Form between Dec. and Feb. each year.

Teens'Top Ten (formerly YA Galley)

Award & Selection Committees

Selection Committees are appointed each October and work begins in Feb. Each one of the selection committees is established to select specific media and booklists or choose YALSA's award winners (Alex, Edwards, Morris, Nonfiction, Odyssey, and Printz). YALSA members with previous book evaluation  experience and previous successful committee experience are considered more seriously for positions on selection committees than those without previous committee experience.  There are no virtual members on selection committees and members must attend ALA's Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference. Volunteer by filling out the Committee Volunteer Form between June and September of each year.

Alex Awards
Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults
Best Fiction for Young Adults
Great Graphic Novels for Teens
Margaret A. Edwards Award
Michael L. Printz Award
Nonfiction Award
Odyssey Award (co-administered with ALSC)
Outstanding Books for the College Bound (not appointed every year)
Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
William C. Morris Award