YALSA Blog Policy

(adopted January 2006)
(adapted from LITA blog policies statement)


The mission of the YALSA blogs is to provide a fast, focused, and flexible format for publishing information about time sensitive issues such as news in the YA field, programs, conferences, initiatives, resources, and activities of use to YALSA members and the YA librarianship community.

Goals and Plans

A volunteer community of bloggers will be recruited from the YALSA membership to report on YALSA and ALA programs, and news of interest to the young adult librarian community.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Blog manager(s): A volunteer manager or co-managers, much like an editor for our print journals, to be responsible for overall blog administration. The manager(s) must be YALSA members. The manager is paid an annual stipend for his/her services.
  2. Bloggers: Bloggers must be YALSA members or staff, or teens 13 and older, who have been approved by the blog manager. The blog may have ongoing regular bloggers, as well as occasional guest bloggers for specific conferences or events. Bloggers are recruited by the Blog Manager(s) based on a person's: 1) expertise in the topic to be blogged, 2) writing ability and 3) technical abilities.
  3. Blog Content: The Blog Manager(s) with direction from YALSA’s Board of Directors and input from the Editorial Advisory Board will determine specific topics appropriate for blogging. Committee chairs and YALSA members may also submit topic ideas to the Blog Manager(s) for their consideration.
  4. Acceptable Use: The blog is a YALSA-sponsored tool for use within YALSA and for outreach beyond YALSA. Lively opinion and commentary are welcome in blog posts. Bloggers must check facts, cite sources, present balanced views, acknowledge and correct errors, and check spelling and grammar before making a post live. Links to related posts are encouraged, but bloggers should post original content rather than merely reposting entire items from other blogs, lists, newsletters, etc.
  5. Comments: Comments are open to all but may be moderated by the Blog Manager. Commentary, opinion, and reaction to posts are welcome. Comments should be relevant to the specific post they are attached to. Spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted. YALSA reserves the right not to post any comment deemed inappropriate.
  6. Pages: Frequently requested information, informational pages, etc. will be placed on blog pages as static information, rather than occasional blog posts.
  7. Blogroll/links: Links to ALA, YALSA and other ALA-affiliated websites and blogs will be provided. Other links to notable websites or blogs may be added to Links or Blogroll sections if the consensus is that they would be useful to readers.
  8. Copyright: Content on this blog would be governed by a Creative Commons license.