Give $20 in 2020

Give $20 in 2020

In 2020, YALSA encourages all YALSA members and the library community to participate in its new Friends of YALSA (FOY) fundraising campaign, Give $20 in 2020. Its goal is to increase sustainability and strengthen FOY to fund member awards and grants. This is a year long campaign to encourage all 4,000+ YALSA members (and the library community in general) to donate at least $20 to FOY in the year 2020. If each YALSA member participates, FOY could comfortably fund scholarships, grants and stipends, including the Spectrum Scholarship and Emerging Leader for the next 5+ years. 100% of donations will fund FOY’s initiatives.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Why Donate?

Every month on the YALSAblog, we'll feature posts that highlight the great programs and grants that FOY supports. Check them out below.

Donate $20 now to FOY online.

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