2015 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Nominations

Updated November 4, 2014.  Feel free to suggest a title.

Bagge, Peter. Woman Rebel:  the Margaret Sanger Story. 2013. Illus., paper, Drawn and Quarterly, $21.95, (9781770461260.) The story of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who tirelessly fought for the idea of “family limitation” her entire life.

Beauchamp, Monte. Masterful Marks. Cartoonists Who Changed the World - 16 Graphic Biographies. 2014. Illus., paper, Simon & Schuster, $24.99, (9781451649192) 16 graphic biographies of some of comics' greatest talents including Jack Kirby, Charles Schulz & Herge.

Bell, Cece. El Defao. 2014. Illus., paper, Abrams, $21.95, (9781419710209.) The story of growing up as a deaf kid.  When Cece was 4, an illness caused her to lose her hearing.  In El Deafo she tells the story of navigating school, friendships, crushes and life along with navigating being okay with not being able to hear.

Brown, Box. Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. 2014. Illus., First Second, $17.99, (9781596438514.) Andre the Giant, famous for his wrestling career, has always been considered larger than life, but his story fascinates well beyond the mat.

Brown, Don. The Great American Dust Bowl. 2013. Illus., paper, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $18.99, (9780547815503.) A speck of dust is a tiny thing. In fact, five of them could fit into the period at the end of this sentence.

Duffy, Chris. Above the Dreamless Dead: World War I in Poetry and Comics. 2014. Illus., paper, First Second, $24.99, (9781626720657.) A collection of World War I poetry interpreted by cartoonists.

Geary, Rick. A Treasury of XXth Century Murder:  Madison Square Tragedy – The Murder of Stanford White  2013. Illus., NBM, $15.99, (9781561637621.) In the early 1900s, Stanford White was the man –successful architect (he designed Madison Square Garden!!), popular with the ladies, and richer than you can imagine.  But, don’t think that didn’t earn him some enemies along the way

Gill, Joel. Strange Fruit – Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History. 2014. Illus., paper, Fulcrum, $23.95, (978-1938486296.) Simple illustrations, factual evidence, and a great representation of African American and American history.

Gownley, Jimmy. The Dumbest Idea Ever! 2014, Illus. paper, Graphix, $11.99, (978-05454534790) Jimmy Gownley's memoir about his teenaged years and how he started drawing comics.

Hale, Nathan. Hale's Hazardous Tales: Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood : A World War I tale, 2014, Illus. paper, Amulet, $12.95, (97814197080840 World War I with friendly animals... until they start fighting.

Kleist, Reinhard. The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft. 2014. Illus., Self Made Hero, $22.95, (9781906838775.) Harry Haft overcomes extreme odds during the Holocaust to become a famous boxer in America.

Prince, Liz. Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir. 2014. Illus., Zest Books, $15.99, (9781936976553.) Growing up, Liz Prince definitely wasn't a girly girl, but she wasn't exactly one of the guys either. Liz was somewhere in the middle, and Tomboy is the story of her struggle to find the place where she belonged.

Quinn, Jason. Gandhi: My Life is My Message 2013. Illus., paper, Campfire, $16.99, (9789380741222.) Biography of Mohatma Gandhi of India, told in his voice.

Telegmeier, Raina Sisters. 2014, illus., Scholastic, $24.99, (9780545540599) The true story of Raina Telgemeier and the fun and frustrating relationship sisters can have.

Tiwary, Vivek. The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story. 2013, illus., M Press, $19.99, (9781616552565.) Worldwide phenomenon The Beatles hit the big time with the help of an extraordinary manager.

Various. Colonial Comics: New England, 1620-1750. 2014, illus., Fulcrum Publishing, $25.95, (9781938486302.) A collection of short stories about people and events in New England 1620-1750.


Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto. Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale. 2014. Illus., paper, Archie Comics, $17.99, (9781619889088) A zombie outbreak in Riverdale forces Archie and his fellow survivors to take refuge in Veronica's mansion.

Ahonen, JP & KP Alare. Sing No Evil. 2014. Illus., paper, Abrams, $24.95, (9781419713606) A new band on the scene tries to find it's audience, but they had no idea the kind of evil they were up against.

Akamatsu, Ken. UQ Holder! Vol. 1. 2014. Illus., paper, Kodansha, $10.99, (9781612629339) Tota's greatest dream is to go to the city and find his dream, but first he has to get through his instructor.

 UQ Holder! Vol. 2. 2014. Illus., paper, Kodansha, $10.99, (9781612629339) Tota has finally found a group of immortals to befriend, but he has to face tests and training before he becomes a full member of their league.

Allison, John. Bad Machinery V.2: The Case of the Good Boy. 2014. Illus., paper, Oni Press, $19.99, (9781620101148) The kids of Tackleford tackle another mystery whilst navigating the trials and woes of pre-adolescence: bullying, fights with friends, first crushes, and toddler-eating monsters in the woods, among other things.          

               Bad Machinery V.3: The Case of the Simple Soul. 2014. Illus., paper, Oni Press, $19.99, (978-1620101933) Linton and Sonny try to solve who has been setting fire to old barns. Could it be the troll living under the bridge?

Allegri, Natasha. Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake. 2014. Illus., paper, KaBOOM!, $19.99, (978-1-60886-338-9) It's up to Fionna and Cake to save the day from the Ice Queen, hopefully with the help of her friends Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee, Lumpy Space Prince, and the Flame Prince.

Asano, Inio. Nijigahara Holograph. 2014. Illus., paper, Fantagraphics $29.99, (978-1-606995839) Ten years later, elementary school classmates deal with the repercussions of events from their childhoods.

Ashihara, Daisuke. World Trigger, Volume 1. 2014. Illus.,Viz Media, $9.99, (9781421577647) : Osamu is just trying to deal with the bullies at school when a new boy shows up and blows his cover.

                   World Trigger, Volume 2. 2014. Illus.,Viz Media, $9.99, (9781421577654) : Osamu is in trouble for disobeying orders, but he
finds a friend and mentor in an Elite Agent.

Asmus, James. Quantum and Woody, Volume 1: The World's Worst Superhero Team. 2013. Illus.,Valiant, $9.99, (9781939346186) : Eric and Woody Henderson, once best friends and close brothers, are now estranged siblings and perhaps the worst accidental superheroes you've ever met.

Bendis, Brian Michael. X-Men: Battle of the Atom. 2014. Illus.,Marvel, $49.99, (9780785189060) X-Men from the future show up to the present to try to send the X-Men from the past back home to try to prevent a time-shattering event, but the future X-Men are hiding something that could make things even worse!

Bendis, Brian Michael. Brilliant, vol. 1. 2014. Illus.,Marvel, $24.99, (978-0785159148) A group of college students figure out how to give themselves superpowers and of course one of them lets it go to his head.

Chantler, Scott. The King’s Dragon. 2014. Illus., Kids Can Press, $17.95, (9781554537785.) In the middle of his search for the three thieves, Captain Drake reflects on his beginning days as a king's dragon and a mystery surrounding crooked chamberlain Greyfalcon.

Collins, Stephen. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil. 2014. Illus., Picador, $20.00, (978-1250050397) Dave lives in the tidy world of Here when his beard begins to grow uncontrollably.

Cook, Katie. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Volume 5. 2014, illus., IDW Publishing, $17.99, (9781631401053) The ponies embark on their greatest adventure yet
as they travel to a new world in desperate need of aid, one that bears more than a passing resemblance to their own Equestria.

Dale, Jeremy . Into The Woods; Skyward, Volume 1. 2014, illus., Action Lab Entertainmnet, $8.99, (978-1939352507) When Quinn's parents die, he must avoid assassins,
armies, and other creatures while trying to discover the secrets his father
kept hidden.

Dale, Jeremy . Strange Creatures; Skyward, Volume 2. 2014, illus., Action Lab Entertainmnet, $8.99, (978-1939352521) Quinn continues to evade assassins, while armies
forge alliances and prepare for war.

Dale, Jeremy . Strange Creatures; Skyward, Volume 2. 2014, illus., Action Lab Entertainmnet, $8.99, (978-1939352521) Quinn continues to evade assassins, while armies
forge alliances and prepare for war.

Dauvillier, Loic. Hidden : A Child’s Story of the Holocaust. 2014, illus., First Second, $16.99, (978-1596438736.) Dounia tells her life story of being a hidden young girl living through the holocaust.

Eastman, Kevin, Bobby Curnow and Tom Waltz. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume 6: City Fall, Part 1. 2013, illus., IDW, $17.99, (9781613777831.)                                              

                                                                           Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume 7: City Fall, Part 2. 2014, illus., DC comics, $12.99, (9781613778760.)   Shredder wreaks havoc and carnage in New York City as he captures one of the Ninja Turtles and turns him against the others.

Edmondson, Nathan. Black Widow: The Finely Woven Thread, Volume 1. 2014. Illus., paper, Marvel, $17.99, (978-0785188193) What does Black Widow do when she's not part of the Avengers?  She's looking for redemption on her own terms.

Fred. Cast Away on the Letter A. 2014, illus., TOON books, $16.95, (9781935179634) Philemon falls into a well that transports him to an island in the Atlantic that doesn't exist and meets a Robinson Crusoe type who's been trapped there for 40 years.

Fridolfs, Derek. Batman: Li’l Gotham Vol 1. 2014, illus., DC comics, $12.99, (9781401244941.)                                           

                         Batman: Li’l Gotham Vol 2. 2014, illus., DC comics, $12.99, (9781401247232.)    Batman's friends and enemies clash during different holidays throughout the year.

Gaiman, Neil . The Graveyard Book, Volume 1. 2014, illus., Harper Collins, $19.99, (780062194817) The adaptation of the Newbery-winning novel of the same name follows the story of Nobody, a boy raised in a graveyard, and the danger that threatens his life

The Graveyard Book, Volume 2. 2014, illus., Harper Collins, $19.99, (9780062194831) The adaptation of the Newbery-winning novel of the same name follows the story of Nobody, a boy raised in a graveyard, and the danger that threatens his life

Harris, Charlaine and Christopher Golden . Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders. 2014, illus., Berkeley Pub Group, $24.95, (9780425256664.) After being tossed in a cemetery with no memories, Calexa witnesses a murder of a young girl.

Hatke, Ben . The Return of Zita the Spacegirl. 2014, illus., First Second, $12.99, (9781596438767.) Zita is used to saving other people, and creatures, from dangerous situations. In the final installment of this epic space adventure, Zita will need help from friends to stop the plan of an evil intergalactic prison warden.

Hugo, Victor . Les Miserables. 2014, illus., Udon, $19.99, (978-1927925164) A classic tale of passion and tragedy in 19th century France.

Kagami, Takaya. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign., Vol.1. 2014. Illus., paper, Viz Media, $9.99, (9781421571508) Yuichiro and his friends try to escape their life as livestock in the vampire city.

Kagami, Takaya. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign., Vol.2. 2014. Illus., paper, Viz Media, $9.99, (9781421571515) Having escaped the vampire capital, Yuichiro must train to become a part of the elite Blood Moon Guard so he can kill vampires and seek revenge.

Kot, Ales. Zero vol 1: An Emergency. 2014, illus., paper, Image, $9.99, (978-1607068631.) Edward Zero has been trained to be an unblinking assassin for a secret organization, but recent events begin to tear at the edges of his accepted reality

Lonergan, Jesse. All Star. 2014, illus., paper, NBM, $13.99, (9781561638352.) Carl Carter, high school baseball star, discovers the inequality inherent in the system when he gets into trouble with the law.

Lepp, Royden. Death of the Rocket Boy. 2014, illus., paper, NBM, $24.99, (9781608864133.) Jet’s secret might force him off the farm he works at while risking the family that took him in.

Mignola, Mike. Baltimore vol 3: A Passing Stranger and Other Stories. 2013, illus., Dark Horse, $24.99, (9781616551827).)  During his search for the Red King, Lord Henry Baltimore encounters the effects of the vampire's war on humanity in a handful of short stories.

Millar, Mark. The Secret Service: Kingsman. 2014, illus., Marvel, $14.99, (978-07851654607). A secret service agent takes his deadbeat nephew under his wing

Niles, Steve. Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem 2014. Illus., paper, Dark Horse, $14.99, (978-1616553449.)  A British plane crashes down in a Jewish village, sparking a Nazi invasion. Using clay and mud from the river, the villagers bring to life a giant monster to battle for their freedom and future.

Niven, Larry . Ringworld. 2014, illus., Seven Seas $15.99, (9780765324627) A group of four travel through space to find and examine an alien-made world big enough for everyone in the universe.

North, Ryan. Adventure Time, Volume 5. 2014, illus., KaBOOM!, $14.99, (978-1608863518) Finn, Jake, and the Ice King discover and explore a series of dungeons.

Novgorodoff, Danica. The Undertaking of Lily Chen. 2014, illus., First Second, $29.99, (9781596435865) After Deshi's brother's death, his parents request Deshi to find his brother a corpse bride. But little does Deshi know, he will meet Lily and everything changes.

Panagariya, Ananth. Buzz. 2013. Illus., Oni Press, $19.99, (978-1620100882.)  Webster finds himself swept up in the cutthroat world of competitive, head-to-head spelling bees. 

Pope, Paul and Petty JT. The Rise of Aurora West.. 2014. Illus., paper, First Second, $9.99, (9781626720091) Aurora West must battle school and monsters while trying to uncover the truth behind her mother’s murder.

Rae, Andrew. Moonhead and the Music Machine. 2014. Illus., paper, Nobrow Inc., $24.95, (9781907704789) When the school’s talent show is announced, Joey Moonhead sets out to create music machine that is out of this world.

Richardson, Mike. 47 Ronin. 2014. Illus., Dark Horse, $19.99, (978-159582954 The Japanese Legend of the 47 Ronin and their epic mission to avenge their wronged master.

Robico. My Little Monster, Volume 3. 2014, illus., Kodansha Comics, $10.99, (9781612625997) Mizutani is only concerned with maintaining the top student in her grade, but everything changes when Haru, a classmate who everyone is terrified of, decides to be her friend.

                        My Little Monster, Volume 4. 2014, illus., Kodansha Comics, $10.99, (978-1612626000) Mizutani is only concerned with maintaining the top student in her grade, but everything changes when Haru, a classmate who everyone is terrified of, decides to be her friend.

Sakugawa, Yumi. I think I am in Friend-Love with You. 2014. Illus., Adams Media, $13.99, (9781440573026) Friend-love is that super-awesome bond you share with someone who makes you happy every time you text each other, or meet up for an epic outing. You don't want to swap saliva; you want to swap favorite books. It's not love-love, but it's just as intense and just as amazing.

Simone, Gail. Red Sonja vol 1: Queen of Plagues. 2014. Illus., Dynamite, $19.99, (978-1606905296.)   Red Sonja overcomes disease and betrayal to pay back a blood debt.

Simone, Gail. Red Sonja vol 2: The Art of Blood and Fire. 2014. Illus., Dynamite, $19.99, (978-1606904817.) A dying king promises to free 1000 slaves if Sonja will bring him the world's greatest artisans in time for his last hurrah

Sims, Chris. Down Set Fight!. 2014, illus., Oni Press, $19.99, (9781620101162.) Football star Chuck Fairlane was expelled from the sport for fighting a mascot, but he finds unlikely fame when mascots track him down for a rematch.

Slott, Dan. Silver Surfer, Vol. 1: New Dawn. 2014. Illus.,Marvel. $17.99, (978-0785188780) : Silver Surfer challenges the Never Queen to save the life of a girl he's never met.

Smith, Matt. Barbarian Lord. 2014, illus,. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, (9780547859064) Cheated of his lands and banished through the trickery of his enemies, Barbarian Lord recruits allies and battles monsters, ghouls, and bad poets in his quest for justice.

Snyder, Scott. Baman Vol 3: Death of the Family. 2013, illus., DC Comics, $24.99, (9781401242343.) After a long, unexplained absence, the Joker is back, and he wants to destroy the one thing that he thinks weakens Batman -his "Bat-Family".  Plus, he also wants his face back.

Suzukaze, Ryo. Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, v1. 2014, illus., Kodansha, $10.99, (9781612629100.) Kuklo was born from disaster and death. The people of the city assume he is a human-eating titan and fear what he might do. After being sold to the highest bidder, he befriends a girl and makes a plan for escape.

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, v2. 2014, illus., Kodansha, $10.99, (9781612629124 After escaping the prison, Kuklo sets off on a journey to find out what Titans are really like on the other side of the wall.

Talbot, Mary. Sally Heathcote, Suffragette. 2014. Illus., paper, Dark Horse $19.99, (9781616555474) Sally Heathcote is drawn into the politics of the women's suffrage movement in early 1900s England..

Tamaki, Mariko. This One Summer. 2014, illus., First Second, $21.99, (9781626720947.) Summer friends get tangled up in teen love and a family crisis.

Tynion IV, James. The Woods: The Arrow, Volume 1. 2014. Illus., paper, Boom! $9.99, (9781608864546) A modern-day high school is transported without warning to another world. Are they on another planet? In another time? The only certainty is that not everyone will deal with this sudden adventure the same way.

Luna, Jonathan and Sarah Vaughn. Alex + Ada vol 1. 2014, illus., Image, $12.99, (9781632150066.) Alex gets a humanoid robot as a present from his grandmother and decides to give it sentience.

Vehlmann, Fabien. Beautiful Darkness. 2014, illus., Drawn & Quarterly, $22.95, 9781770461291.) A community of tiny people emerge from a dead girl's body and must start a new, unenchanted life in an unfamiliar and hostile forest.

Wilson, G. Ms. Marvel: No Normal. 2014. Illus., paper, Marvel., $15.99, (9780785190219) Kamala Khan is a geeky teenager navigating her Muslim identity and parents’ expectations when she gains bizarre inexplicable powers.

Wood, Brian. Mara. 2013, illus., Image. $12.99, (9781607068105.) A volleyball player in the future gets superpowers and it changes her life.

Yang, Gene Luen. The Shadow Hero. 2014, illus., First Second. $17.99, (9781596436978.) Hank Chu helps around his family's grocery store when his mother makes him a superhero suit and offers to give him rides to fight crime. He winds up unearthing citywide corruption and ancient spirits.