Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 1999

The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee, sponsored by the Young Adults Library Services Association (YALSA) of the American Library Association, is pleased to announce its 1998-1999 selections finalized at the Association's Midwinter Meeting held in Philadelphia. This year’s committee focused on the following four topics: Good Sports, Teen Culture, Changing Dimensions, and Different Drummers.

The Committee’s Good Sports list contains 23 fiction and nonfiction titles about a variety of sports; the Teen Culture list contains 22 nonfiction titles about topics that excite today's teens, are considered underground, and/or trendy; the titles on the Changing Dimensions list 25 feature a protagonist who moves from one reality to another time, space, reality, or persona; and the Different Drummers list contains 18 fiction and nonfiction titles about a protagonist who is considered outside society's norm by being significantly different in actions, thoughts, or appearance.

Nancy Reich, chair, was enthusiastic about her committee’s efforts. " I am very pleased with the quality of the titles selected and the variety of authors represented."

The members of the 1998-1999 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee are: Reich, chair, Los Angeles, CA; Lauren Adams, Newton, MA; Jennifer Baltes, Lake Havasu City, AZ; Lora Bruggeman, Downers Grove, IL; Sarah Dentan, Modesto, CA; Andy Howe, Albuquerque, NM; Shari Johnson, Pearl River, NY; Brenda Kilmer, Miami, FL; Cindy Lombardo, Orrville, OH; Barbra Meisenheimer, Topeka, KS; Sally Thompson, Paradise Valley, AZ; Helen Vandersluis, North Palm Beach, FL; Cheryl Ward, Broad Brook, CT; and Nel Ward, Newport, OR. A draft of the complete list is also available via fax-on-demand, 800-545-2433 press 8; or from the YALSA office: 800-545-2433 x 4390, or YALSA@ala.org. The completed edited list will appear in the 1999 Edition of ALA’s Guide to Best Reading.

Good Sports

Bissinger, H.G. Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team and a Dream.
HarperCollins, $14.00 ISBN 0060974060
Bissinger scouts the Permian Panthers High School football team from Odessa, Texas, the winningest football team in Texas history.

Blais, Madeleine. In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle.
Warner, $11.99 ISBN 0446672106
The town, the team, the dream, Amherst's high school girl's winning basketball season.

Bloor, Edward. Tangerine.
Scholastic Apple, $4.99 ISBN 059043277X
Soccer, football, fitting in, family secrets, and murder.

Brooks, Bruce. The Moves Make the Man.
HarperTrophy, $4.50 ISBN 0064405648
Jerome, a thirteen-year-old African American basketball player develops a deep friendship with an emotionally-disturbed white student.

Corbett, Sara. Venus to the Hoop: A Gold Medal Year in Women's Basketball.
Anchor, $12.95 ISBN 0385493525
The 1996 U.S. women's basketball team goes for the gold.

Crutcher, Chris. Ironman.
Laurel-Leaf, $5.99 ISBN 044021971X
Anger at his father fuels seventeen-year-old Bo's quest for victory in the triathalon.

Crutcher, Chris. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes.
Laurel-Leaf, $4.50 ISBN 0440021906X
Swimming is the background for this story of Moby, an ex-fat boy, and Sarah Byrnes whose tragic past lives up to her name.

Dygard, Thomas. Halfback Tough.
Morrow Beech Tree, $4.95 ISBN 0688163661
Can Joe Atkin live down his bad-boy reputation when he moves to a new city and becomes the star of his new high school football team?

Gallo, Donald, ed. Ultimate Sports: Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults.
Bantam, $5.99 ISBN 0440227070
Sports sets the background for stories of losing, winning, and growing up.

Gutman, Dan. Honus & Me
Avon, $3.99 ISBN0380788780
The magic behind the most valuable baseball card takes Joe on a trip through time.

Hillstrom, Kevin et al. The Handy Sports Answer Book.
Visible Ink, $19.95 ISBN 1578590752
Sports facts, figures, and trivia in a question-and-answer format.

Hyde, Dayton O. The Major, the Poacher and the Wonderful One-Trout River.
Boyds Mills Press, $9.95 ISBN 1563976919
A fanatical fly-fisherman who dreams of landing a prize trout is challenged by a young boy.

Kinsella, W.P. Shoeless Joe.
Ballantine, $11.00 ISBN 0345410076
A magical tale of baseball heroes and a field of dreams.

Klass, David. Danger Zone.
Scholastic, $4.50 ISBN 0590485911
A small-town basketball star travels to Los Angeles to join the American Teen Dream Team to prepare for international competition in Rome.

Korman, Gordon. The Toilet Paper Tigers.
Scholastic/Apple, $3.99 ISBN 0590462318
A very funny baseball story about a losing team and how they got better with the help of a smart-talking girl.

Lipsyte, Robert. The Contender.
HarperTrophy, $4.95. ISBN 0064470393
What does it take to be a contender in boxing? In life?

Lynch, Chris. Iceman.
HarperTrophy, $4.50 ISBN 0064471144
Fourteen-year-old Eric is a study in contrasts, emotionally insecure but an absolute animal in the hockey rink where he slams out his anger and suffering.

Macy, Sue. A Whole New Ball Game.
Puffin, $4.99 ISBN 014037423X
The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League soon developed a following of their own.

Macy, Sue. Winning Ways
Scholastic Polaris, $5.99 ISBN 0590763360
A photohistory of women in sports.

Murphy, Claire. To the Summit.
Avon, $3.99 ISBN 038079537X
A climbing expedition to the top of Denali with her father takes 17-year-old Sarah on a journey of discovery deep within herself.

Myers, Walter Dean. Hoops.
Laurel-Leaf, $4.50 ISBN 0440938848
Lonnie is at first disgusted with his basketball coach but soon learns more from him than how to improve his game.

Myers, Walter Dean. Slam!
Scholastic Point Signature, $4.99 ISBN 0590486683
A 17-year-old African American basketball player has to overcome lots of distractions that are interfering with his star status.

Wallace, Rich. Wrestling Sturbridge.
Knopf, $4.99 ISBN 0679885552 Will Ben stay the second-best wrestler through his senior year?

Teen Culture

Amend, Bill. Welcome to Jasorassic Park: A FoxTrot Collection.
Andrews and McMeel, $9.95 ISBN 0836251830
Join the Foxes, Jason, Paige, Peter, Andy, and Roger, in their latest adventures.

Bernstein, Anne D. The Daria Diaries.
MTV Books, $12.00 ISBN 0671017098
Sarcastic, cynical, antisocial, and athletically challenged.

Block, Francesca Lia and Hillary Carlip. Zine Scene: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Zines.
Girl Press, $14.95 ISBN 0965975436
You've got something you want to say? Publish it! Zine Scene shows you how.

Catalano, Grace. Meet the Stars of Dawson's Creek.
Bantam, $4.99 ISBN 0440228212
Learn about the lives of the stars of Dawson's Creek.

Cobain. Ed. by Rollng Stone
Little Brown, $15.95 ISBN 0316880159
The life and times of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

Crawford, Saffi and Geraldine Sullivan. The Power of Birthdays, Stars, and Numbers: The Complete Personology Reference Guide.
Ballantine, $24.95 ISBN 0345418190
Can your birth date predict your future?

Edwards, Gavin. 'Scuse Me While I Kiss this Guy and Other Misheard Lyrics.
Fireside, $9.95 ISBN 0671501283
Find out the real lyrics of some of rock music's most commonly misunderstood songs.

Golden, Christopher and Nancy Holder. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guide.
Pocket, $14.00 ISBN 0671024337
A must-read for Buffy fanatics and Slayerettes.

Groening, Matt. The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family.
HarperPerennial, $16.95 ISBN 0060952520
What's your favorite couch gag? This volume of all things Simpson has them all.

Haab, Sherri. Nail Art.
Klutz, $19.95 ISBN 1570541116
Learn how to paint all kinds of designs and pictures on your fingernails.

Jilette, Penn & Teller. Penn & Teller's How to Play with Your Food.
Villard, $20.00 ISBN 0679743111
Gross tricks to play with food, including poking your eyes out.

Loheed, M.J. et al. The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off.
Acid Test Productions, $16.95 ISBN 1888358122
Celebrate the universal gesture and the people who have used it.

Miller, Jean-Chris. The Body Art Book; A Complete Guide to Tattoos, Piercings, and Other Body Modifications.
Berkeley, $12.00 ISBN 042515985X
Want to get pierced? Look here first!

Morrison, Jim. Wilderness: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison, v.1.
Vintage, $12.00 ISBN 0679726225
The poetry and musings of the Doors lead singer.

Norman, Michael and Beth Scott. Haunted America
TOR, $6.99 ISBN 0812550544
A whirlwind state-by-state tour of haunted locations from the White House to the house next door.

Parker, Julia and Derek. The Complete Book of Dreams.
Dorling Kindersley, $13.95 ISBN 0789432951
What do your dreams mean?

Pratt, Jane. Beyond Beauty.
Clarkson Potter, $30.00 ISBN 0609801481
What do you think beauty is? 25 teens (some famous, some not) give their feelings on the topic and makeup tips too.

Salinger, Adrienne. My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms.
Chronicle Books, $16.95 ISBN 0611807967
Travel inside the minds and bedrooms of America's teenagers.

Schulberg, Jay. The Milk Mustache Book.
Ballantine, $18.00 ISBN 0345427297
Think that your collection of mustaches is complete?

Solomon, James. The Real World: The Ultimate Insider's Guide.
Pocket Books, $18.00 ISBN 0671015346
Catch up with all your favorite roommates from "The Real World."

Tupac Amaru Shakur, 1971-1996. Ed. by Vibe Magazine.
Three Rivers Press, $16.00 ISBN 0609802178
Explore the life and death of Tupac Shakur.

Way Inside ESPN's X-Games. Ed. by Shelly Youngblut.
Hyperion, $18.95 ISBN 0786882921
A guide to all the X-Game summer sports, including skateboarding, in-line skating , and skysurfing, with tons of color.

Changing Dimensions

Avi. Something Upstairs
Avon Flare, $4.50 ISBN 0380708531
If sixteen-year-old Kenny doesn't solve the mystery of the murdered black slave and a centuries-old locked door, he may be trapped forever in the past.

Banks, Lynne Reid. Melusine, a Mystery.
Avon, $4.50 ISBN 0380791358
While vacationing at a French chateau with his family, Roger discovers that the landlord's daughter, Melusine, hides a shocking secret.

Bauer, Joan. Thwonk.
Dell, $4.50 ISBN 0440219809
Be careful what you wish for! That's exactly the problem caused by a personal cupid making dreams come true.

Brittain, Bill. Wings.
Harper Trophy, $4.50 ISBN: 0064406121
Are they a gift... or a curse? With newly sprouted wings, 12-year-old Ian is shunned by his family but learns acceptance from strangers.

Burnard, Damon. Burger!
Houghton, $4.50 ISBN 0395913152
Vegetarianism can pay off when a love of hamburgers leads to a dangerous encounter with an extraterrestrial being.

Charnas, Suzy McKee. The Kingdom of Kevin Malone.
Magic Carpet, $6.00 ISBN 0152011919
Amy follows neighborhood bully Kevin Malone through one of Central Park's stone tunnels and into Fayre Farre, a dangerous world of Kevin's imagination.

Cooney, Caroline. Both Sides of Time.
Laurel-Leaf, $4.50 ISBN 0440219329
Annie Lockwood is romantically entangled in two love triangles as she travels between the present and the late 1800s..

Cooper, Susan. The Boggart.
Simon & Schuster, $3.95. ISBN: 0689801734
An ancient Scottish imp creates havoc with an American family.

Dickinson, Peter. Eva
Laurel-Leaf, $4.99 ISBN 0440207665
Eva wonders why she has the memories of a chimpanzee after an automobile accident.

Duncan, Lois. Locked in Time.
Laurel-Leaf, $4.99 ISBN: 0440949424
What do Nore's new stepmother and a black widow spider have in common?

Gaiman, Neil. Neverwhere.
Avon, $6.99 ISBN: 0380789019
An average young businessman who stops to help a girl bleeding on a London sidewalk finds himself pulled into a bizarre subterranean world.

Gould, Stephen. Jumper.
TOR, $4.99 ISBN: 0812522370
Teleporting can be an advantage, but Davy discovers that merely surviving is not enough for him.

Hausman, Pete. Mr. Was.
Aladdin, $3.99 ISBN 0689819453
After his dying grandfather tries to strangle him, Jack Lund discovers a door that leads him 50 years into the past.

Hobbs, Will. Kokopelli's Flute.
Avon Camelot, $4.50 ISBN: 0380728184
When he plays an ancient bone flute found in Anasazi ruins, Tep Jones unleashes mystical powers beyond his control.

James, Mary. Shoebag.
Scholastic Apple, $3.50 ISBN 0590430300
Shoebag, a happy cockroach surrounded by his family, suddenly finds himself changed into a human boy.

Kindl, Patrice. Owl in Love.
Puffin, $3.99 ISBN 014037129X
Even the simple activity of eating can a real problem for an owl who goes to school as a girl, and falling in love is even more of a crisis and a danger.

Klause, Annette. The Silver Kiss.
Laurel-Leaf, $4.50. ISBN: 0440213460
Why is beautiful Lion so understanding about Zoe's dying mother--and so frightening?

Nolan, Han. If I Should Die Before I Wake.
Harcourt, $6.00 ISBN 0152380418
While neo-Nazi wanna-be Hilary Burke lies in a coma, she slips into the memory of Holocaust survivor Chana Bergman.

Pullman, Philip. The Subtle Knife.
Del Rey, $5.99 ISBN 0345413369
In the second book of the His Dark Materials trilogy, Lyra Belaqua finds herself in the beautiful, haunted world of Cittagazze and discovers an object of extraordinary and devastating power.

Scrimger, Richard. The Nose from Jupiter.
Tundra, $7.95 ISBN: 0887764282
Neither brave nor strong, 13-year-old Alan finds a way to solve his problems after a tiny alien from Jupiter takes up residence in his nose.

Shetterly, Will. Elsewhere.
TOR, $3.99 ISBN 0812520033
Ron, a runaway from the World, searches for magic and meaning but finds himself caught between the humans, elves, and halfies who inhabit the unreal place of Bordertown.

Sleator, William. Strange Attractors.
Puffin, $4.99 ISBN 0140345382
Waking up from an attack of amnesia and in possession of a time-travel phaser, Max plays hide-and-seek with a father and daughter and their ruthless look-alikes from another time.

Vazquez, Diego. Growing Through the Ugly
Holt, $12.00 ISBN: 0805057447
Seventeen-year-old Buzzy tells the story of his life while flying back from Vietnam in his casket.

Wieler, Diana. RanVan: the Defender.
Groundwood, $7.95 ISBN 0888991843
Fifteen-year-old RanVan's dreams of saving damsels in distress and conquering evil come true when his world of video games overlaps with reality.

Willis, Connie. To Say Nothing of the Dog.
Bantam, $6.50 ISBN 0553575384
Interrupting the time continuum between 1888 and 1940 may be a disaster for Ned Henry, an historian from the mid-twenty-first century.

Different Drummers

Block, Francesca Lia. Witch Baby.
HarperTrophy, $4.95 ISBN 0064470652
An outsider finds her place in a family of outsiders.

Cormier, Robert. Tenderness.
Laurel-Leaf, $5.50 ISBN: 0440220343
Eric's search for tenderness is found in caressing and killing beautiful girls.

Covington, Dennis. Lizard.
Dell, $3.99 ISBN 0440214904
Can you have a life when you look more like a lizard than a boy?

Deem, James. 3 NBs of Julian Drew.
Avon Flare, $4.50 ISBN 0380725878
Trapped in a nightmarish existence of indifference and abuse, 15-year-old Julian carries on a correspondence with his deceased mother.

Grant, Cynthia. Mary Wolf.
Simon, $4.50 ISBN 0689812515
The circumstances of Mary's vagabond family deteriorate to a tragic finale.

Grealy, Lucy. Autobiography of a Face.
HarperTrade, $12.00 ISBN 006097673X
A young women's struggles to surmount childhood cancer and disfigurement.

Holman, Felice. Slake's Limbo.
Aladdin, $3.95 ISBN 068971066
A teen hiding in the New York subway tunnel ekes out a living for himself.

Kindl, Patrice. Woman in the Wall.
Puffin, $3.99 ISBN: 0141301244
Can romance lure shy Anna from her hidden world?

King, Stephen. Carrie.
Signet, $6.99 ISBN 0451157443
Have you ever made fun of someone? You better hope they're not like Carrie.

Koontz, Dean. Fear Nothing.
Bantam, $7.99 ISBN: 0553579754
Xeroderma pigmentosa makes Christopher Snow a creature of the night.

Marsden, John. So Much to Tell You.
Fawcett Juniper, $5.50 ISBN 0449703746
Marina has so much to say, but can only communicate through her diary.

Paterson, Katherine. Jip: His Story.
Puffin, $4.99 ISBN: 0140386742
Living on the poor farm, Jip begins to unravel the mysteries of his past.

Randle, Kristin. The Only Alien on the Planet.
Scholastic, $4.99 ISBN 0590463101
Smitty Tibbs hasn't spoken in 15 years. Can Ginny become his friend without pushing him over the edge?

Stoehr, Shelley. Crosses
Laurel-Leaf, $4.50 ISBN 0440227801
Nancy tries to ease her emotional pain by cutting.

Tolan, Stephanie. Welcome to the Ark.
Morrow/Beech Tree, $4.95 ISBN: 0688158617
Four gifted but troubled kids connect in an experimental paranormal program at a psychiatric institution.

Townsend, Sue. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 and 3/4.
Avon Flare, $4.99 ISBN: 0380868768
British teen Adrian Mole captures the essence of life in his diary.

Williams-Garcia, Rita. Like Sisters on the Homefront.
Puffin, $4.99 ISBN 0140385614
14-year-old Gayle is forced to take her baby and New York attitude to live with country cousins.

Wolff, Virginia. Probably Still Nick Swansen.
Scholastic, $4.50 ISBN 0590431463
Can sensitive Nick survive being stood up at the prom?